2019 2020 Latest Igo Primo Maps for Mexico Maps Download Update

The latest igo maps download for Mexico is 2020.Q2 version which updated in 2020.5 now, it’s newer than the 2019.q4 version. New 2019/2020 igo Mexico maps works both for igo primo and igo8 with wince system or android system car navigation. You can keep using the current igo software and just update the Mexico igo maps.

Latest 2020 igo maps for Mexico:

  • Mexico_HERE_2020.Q2_200525.fbl
  • Mexico_HERE_2020.Q2_200525.fda
  • Mexico_HERE_2020.Q2_200525.fpa
  • Mexico_HERE_2020.Q2_200525.fsp
  • Mexico_HERE_2020.Q2_200525.ftr

The latest 2020 q2 igo Mexico maps include building, map, phoneme, poi, speedcam files.

2019.q4 igo Mexico maps files content:

  • Mexico_HERE_2019.Q4_200115.fbl
  • Mexico_HERE_2019.Q4_200115.fda
  • Mexico_HERE_2019.Q4_200115.fpa
  • Mexico_HERE_2019.Q4_200115.ftr

2019 igo maps download Mexico

It’s igo here maps for Mexico which updated to 2020. If you need igo TomTom maps for Mexico, we also have, it’s the 2018.12 version and updated in 2019.

  • Mexico_TomTom_2018.12_190204.fbl
  • Mexico_TomTom_2018.12_190204.fpa
  • Mexico_TomTom_2018.12_190204.fsp
  • Mexico_TomTom_2018.12_190204.ftr

2020 igo maps mexico

Updating your old igo Mexico maps to the latest version is necessary because it’s safe and reliable. No worries on how to update igo maps, it’s easy with step by steps installation instructions here. Even for those who have not run a update before, he can update by himself easily.

How to download latest igo maps for Mexico update?

All maps here are free to download and free to use. If you need latest igo Mexico maps download, we can upload maps on Googledrive or onedrive and provide you a link to download it fast, it saves your time. Secondly, we will also tell you how to update your igo Mexico maps with step by step guides. And we will do our best to help you even on whatsapp if necessary. What you need to do is just paying a small $10 handling fee to support us.

Besides, if you have any questions or problems regarding your aftermarket car GPS, we can also help. We are in this industry for many years, we know these aftermarket Windows CE system and Android system car GPS well especially for those from China.

igo maps update mexico

If your GPS unit is with Android system, you can also install Sygic maps, we also have 2020 Sygic maps for Mexico and it works well for aftermarket Android head unit navigation system.

Got a question? You can leave a comment below, or contact us via email: support@mygpsmaps.com
Regularly you can get a reply within 24 hours, even a few minutes in working hours.

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    1. I can upload 2019q4 igo maps(updated in 2020) for Mexico on googledrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

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