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I am William, working in a company in Guangzhou, China, a technician of all kinds of aftermarket cars’ Android head units for over 10 years. I’m familiar with aftermarket navigation with Android or Wince system.

About 8 years ago, the aftermarket navigation units were popular with Wince system, so the maps are stored in a SD card, you don’t need to install it, just need to set navigation path to make igo working.

Later, Android navigation is more and more popular, manufacturers choose to produce aftermarket navigation units with Android system. That’s why we can see there are nearly all Android navigation head units in the market nowadays. For Android navigation, you will need to install igo app in the unit, no need to set navi path.

Why created this blog?

Many people who installed aftermarket navigation unit want to install GPS maps as well, or update the current GPS maps for a latest version. I always have the latest GPS maps available on hand so i’m able to send you the latest maps files, no matter for IGO or Sygic. And I can provide you free update in the future.

Are your maps free to download?

Maps are totally free, i don’t sell any maps. I do charge for a small fee of only USD10 for handing fee, because i need to upload the new maps online and share you a link, that costs for time and the hosting. I won’t upload map files into any websites which are full of ads. Mostly are in Onedrive, dropbox, or googledrive.

Which Service Do you offer?

I can provide you free maps, and lifetime maps update. If you have any questions on downloading or installing GPS maps with your navigation device, i’d be glad to help, or even questions about your installed aftermarket Android head unit, i will answer your questions with all i know.

My email: support@mygpsmaps.com

52 thoughts on “About Mygpsmaps

  1. Hi William!
    Could you please send me a link to
    the latest Europe map version incl. Denmark

    I have sent 10 Dollars to your paypal acc,
    Kindest regards Dan Hybel

  2. Pozdravljen. Rabil bi nove zemljevide cele evrope za IGO NEXT GEN, verzija 9.18. Kaj moram storiti in kje jih lahko dobim?

  3. Hi
    I want to get 2020 or newer maps for South Africa.
    currently I have Igo 9 primo with 2016 South Africa maps which is used in a d/din radio.


  4. Dear all,

    I would like to purchase map of to Turkey but cannot find any link to register or order.


  5. I recently bought a new standalone Mksutary GPS Navigation Device at a bargain as the device did not come with a microsd card with maps or even accessories that came along with it.

    I wrote to the manufacturer for assistance in getting both the Singapore and Malaysian maps but to date have not received any reply from the manufacturer.

    I then resorted to the web for assistance and was fortunate to locate mygpsmaps and I wrote to enquire about the maps.

    Within a day with just USD 10, I was able to receive the maps and assistance needed to download and upload the maps to my device.

    Not only did I get the maps, William from mygpsmaps also provided a vital IGO Primo software that was needed for the maps to work which was missing from my new device due to the missing microsd that was supposed to come with the device.

    Being new to the device, William patiently guided me on getting the device running.

    I am very happy with the maps and level of service provided and would recommend others to get their maps from mygpsmaps too.

    Thank you William for the time spent in getting my GPS device to work.

  6. Hello I have aftermarket wince car system and I need maps for Canada north America I’m interested on the maps please tell me how to proceed please send link and I will pay true PayPal

    1. Does your car have an aftermarket navigation unit installed or original one? Is it with wince system or android system?

  7. Dear William,
    Greetings of the day.
    Can you please provide me raster map (google map) for my GPS system for Oman.


    1. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer or western union. For payment by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and click “send money” to send 10usd to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com

      After you paid please send me the sender’s name, so i can check and send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

    1. I have igo primo for wince system aftermarket navigation unit. Which country do you need for igo maps update?

  8. Special thanks to William S. . His service was excellent. Strongly recommend him as he is professional and knowledgeable.
    Worked with me throughout the whole process of getting my IGO to work. This guy knows what he is doing.

  9. Good day, Greetings from NYC,
    Have an older igo 9 version on my android car radio gps and its asking me to update to the latest version.. I have taken out the sd card from the car radio and im seeking to update. What do I need to do? and can it be done by the service you are offering?. If doable , I might need help in updating and assuring that It works when installed. Can you assist?. I have paypal and will pay thru it. Thanks,
    Peter G.

  10. Hello,
    I would like to purchase “Latest 2019 IGO Maps Free Download Update For Central America 34 Countries”.
    What is the procedure for paying to have the telecharment link.

    1. Maps are free, after you paid $10 handling fee, i will send you the link to download them and one by one steps.

  11. Здравейте,
    имам нужда от най-новите карти на IGO Primo Europe за 2019 година

    1. I just sent you the link and guide. Please note due to different time zones between your country and China, i can not reply while i’m off working. But you can get a reply within 24 hours. In my working time, you can get a reply within minutes.

  12. I like to thank my gps maps I received my download today and I followed the instructions and everything worked fine I have been trying for a month to get free maps for my car unit never could get the right one I’m very glad I ran across this l paid 10 us dollars but to me it’s worth more than that so thank you once more

    1. It’S hard to tell which is better, different people have different opinions. For me both igo and igo primo are good.

    1. I can upload latest 2019 q2 igo maps for Europe on onedrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

    1. Hi, I can upload 2019 igo maps for North America on onedrive and send you a link to download them, you just need to pay USD10 for handling fee, is that ok?

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