Australia New Zealand Igo Primo GPS Maps Update 2020 Download Here

2020 latest igo maps update for Australia and New Zealand is available now. If your car has an old igo primo maps for Australia or New Zealand, you can update them with the latest 2020 version now. The latest 2020 igo maps are newer than the IGO Maps Australia New Zealand Free Download Latest 2018 2019 Maps Update. Whether your car has installed an aftermarket Chinese Android head unit or Wince system GPS unit, as long as it’s aftermarket one, the new maps update should work with your unit.

Australia igo maps update 2020

2020.Q4 Igo GPS maps for Australia

Previous version: 2020.Q2

  • Australia_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fbl
  • Australia_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fda
  • Australia_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fjw
  • Australia_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fpa
  • Australia_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fsp
  • Australia_HERE_Easy_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • Australia_HERE_Economical_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • Australia_HERE_Fast_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • Australia_HERE_Green_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • Australia_HERE_Short_2020.Q4_201217.hnr

Except 2020 igo maps files for Australia, the new update also includes building, phoneme, poi, and speedcam files.

2020.Q4 Igo GPS maps for New Zealand

Previous version: 2020.Q2

  • New_Zealand_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fbl
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fda
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fjw
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fpa
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2020.Q4_201215.fsp
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Easy_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Economical_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Fast_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Green_2020.Q4_201217.hnr
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Short_2020.Q4_201217.hnr

2020 igo maps update for New Zealand also includes 2020 building, phoneme, poi, and speedcam files.

For a wince system unit, the igo primo Australia maps should be in a sd card, and your unit has an option to set navigation path in settings. For newer Android head unit, the igo maps may be installed in the internal storage of your unit.

How to get a download link for igo maps Australia or New Zealand 2020 update?

All maps provided by are free maps, and it’s free to use. We do not sell any maps, we just provide a link to download igo maps update and tell you how to install it in your aftermarket navigation unit. So it costs time for the service and storage to upload large maps files on Googledrive. What you need to do is just paying a 10USD handling fee, no extra cost. If you can understand, you can contact us to get and download the Australia or New Zealand igo maps update 2020.

Furthermore, if you have a question for igo maps update or install, we are more than happy to assist you. Even if your GPS unit has other problems more than GPS maps update, we can also try to help you.

New Zealand igo maps update 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this latest igo maps update works for my unit?Answer: If your GPS unit is original one with your car, new maps update may not work, as there may be a limit to update GPS maps from other sources.
    If your car has an aftermarket head unit installed with wince or Android system, maps update works, especially for those Chinese aftermarket navigation units.
  2. I have just installed a (Chinese) Android HU, which come witch iGo Primo. The maps (Australia) are from 2016, so I think it is time for an update. If you can help me, let me know. Also I will need to understand where to put the new maps (they are stored on the HU internal HDD).Answer: You can update your 2016 igo Australia maps with this new 2020 version. After you paid 10USD handling fee, we will send you a link to download 2020 igo maps update for Australia, also with step by step installation instructions. You can also check this post for your reference: How To Install And Update IGO Maps On Car Navigation?Besides, if you have a question while downloading or updating, you can tell us in which step, so we can help you better. If you need online support, you can also talk with us on whatsapp.

If you have an Android navigation head unit installed in the car, you can also install Sygic maps for Australia or New Zealand in the internal storage of your unit. And you can install igo or sygic maps in your Android phone as well.

Have a question? Just leave a comment below, or contact us directly:

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My GPS Maps
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
by Glenn on My GPS Maps
Hi William, Thanks so much for your knowledge and professionalism in helping to solve my problem it now works 👍

Thanks so much Will for your knowledge and professionalism in solving my problems, my unit now works as it should thanks again regards Glenn.

by Adrian on My GPS Maps
Maps for Australia

Ordered an Android HU that came with Euro maps instead of Australian maps. Thanks will for providing the 2020 AU Maps.
Thanks Will!

by Bill Grant on My GPS Maps
Maps for Australia (SD card)

I received the software and maps from Will and loaded them on to my SD card but I couldn’t get the Nav system to work. I got in contact with Will again and he got me to send him some photos of the file structure and the screen of the Nav system. He got back to me and said that my brand new SD card was faulty so I bought another and loaded the files on it, put it in the system then it worked perfectly. Will not only supplied the files for a nominal handling fee but provided excellent technical advice. Thank you Will you are a great guy, cheers Bill

by Kerry Gilbert on My GPS Maps

Hi i please get the lastest igo New Zealand maps? 2020/ 2021?

by David on My GPS Maps
IGO Maps Update

After searching to update the maps on a pumpkin system, found and information for the Australia maps.
A quick email and Will responded with what I needed to do. A quick paypal and Will sent through the link for the updated maps and easy instructions. Done in 15 minutes and works a treat.
Thanks Mygpsmaps and Will.
I'll do it again in a year or two

by Peter on My GPS Maps
Upgrade for IGO 8 Australia maps

I run IGO 8 in my car on a Kenwood unit.
Contacted Will at My GPS Maps and found that he could send me a download of 2020Q4 Australia, together with instructions of how to up load to the system. Took 10 mins to download and ten mins to copy onto the SD card for the unit. Tested it out - perfect and a big difference as my old maps were 11 years out of date! Very easy task, very prompt help and replies from Will. A great service and easy to do. I will probably update every couple of years from now on! Thanks Will.

by Richard on My GPS Maps
Update Android Head Unit IGO Maps

I was using IGO Navigation (Downloaded from Google Play Store) on my Android head unit. The app came with Australia_HERE_2020.Q2 maps.

The maps now available for Australia are Q4. I posted a request on this website requesting Australia_HERE_2020.Q4 maps. Received a very quick email response from William. Paid my $US10.00 handling fee via PayPal and had a link to download the Map set almost immediately.

I attempted to update my maps but they did not work with the IGO app from the Google Store. I emailed William and he stated that the IGO software app I had did not support new maps. He sent me IGO World app with detailed instructions on installing.

I deleted the installed IGO app, then installed IGO World together with the new maps. Everything worked fine and very easy to update.

A big shout out to William for his very quick responses to all my questions. Well done, great website. I urge anyone who wants maps updates or advice to contact William.

Thanks again for all your assistance.

by Jake on My GPS Maps
Very easy

Very easy process, quick response from William with all steps explained. Will do again in a couple of years.

by Bill M. on My GPS Maps
iGO Maps Update for Q2 of 2020

A quick download and saved the file, then I deleted the old files on my old SD Card and copied the new ones across to replace them with the latest.
Inserted the SD back into my Car Media unit, turned it on and IT WORKED!
Thanks Mygpsmaps.
I'll do it again in a year or two

by Nicholas on My GPS Maps
Easier than expected

Very smooth process from start to finish. William was very prompt at sharing the files and replying to my queries. Highly recommended. I look forward to future updates of iGo maps being available here.

by Dave Johnson on My GPS Maps

Great and super helpful in helping me to set up the download etc

by Anthony on My GPS Maps

Easy as. All went well and got the files transferred. Easier than I thought.

by Jeff on My GPS Maps

One of the easiest and fastest purchases and downloads I've ever had on the Net. So simple to update an SD card for our headunit. AND great communication from our host.
Top marks.

by Dave on My GPS Maps

Needed 2020 Australia maps for a 9 year old aftermarket system in my car runnin IGO 8 on Win CE. $10US and William's instructions made this easy. Highly recommended.

46 thoughts on “Australia New Zealand Igo Primo GPS Maps Update 2020 Download Here

  1. Hi there,
    I have Rav42017 late model from Australia which have Model ID: 13TDANOC-CA01 SAM ID; AEAIDHTPUW H/W No: 86100-42271 does supports your latest maps? I already have 2019 maps. Just wondering to update latest maps?

  2. Hi William.
    I have a Wince in-dash Eclipse AVN726EA that has maps with “fbl” extension.
    I believe I could upload fresh maps through the same Sd card I am using to
    upload Naviextras maps – would like to try – advices are welcome.
    Could you please send me a set of AU and NZ maps and explain to me how I can send you the money?
    Thank you

  3. I have IGo 8 system installed in my car on a Kenwood unit. I would like to up date to the most recent maps. The currently installed files are:

    Australia.fbl from 2010
    Basemap.fbl from 2010

    And Newzealand . fbl from 2009
    I believe that I will also need the building, POI, Speedcam files updated and maybe more. I have read these files using a card reader and my pC. Can you send me files that I can copy onto the SD card?
    Can you help please?
    Thank in advance

  4. Hi there,

    I have one of these units in my Aurion..

    Is it possible to update everything on it or just maps?

    How do I go about doing that please.


  5. Hi, I have recently purchased an Android head which has igo maps pre installed 2016, are you able to assist with this?, I would greatly appreciate any information, thanks.

  6. I came across your website while looking for IGO map downloads for my Chinese Android 9.0 head unit. The unit has the app for IGO but as far as I know there are no maps loaded as the signal comes up but no roads or images.
    I need this map

  7. Hello,
    I need to update my MXNAVI system in Toyota Corolla 2007. The system uses iGo Primo. Will these files work? If so, please email payment instructions. Thanks.

    1. If your car has original navigation system, i’m afraid igo may not work, do you know if your navigation comes with wince system or android system?

      1. It’s not android it’s comes with factory Unit of Toyota. Can not update firmware of unit as well. Only Toyota dealer can update firmware of unit.

    2. Hi there,
      I have Genuine Toyota head unit . Fujitsu ten : 100721 . Model ID:13TDANOC-CA01 SAM ID:AEAIDHTPUW. H/W No:86100-42271.

  8. Hi,
    My head unit is a Fujitsu 10 -AVN827GA in a Subaru 2012 XV.
    The current map is labelled Australia.fbl.
    Will the map Australia_HERE_2020.Q2_200720.fbl work in my unit ?

    1. Hi Tai, if your car has aftermarket navigation installed not the original one, new igo Australia maps update should work with your unit.

  9. I have a Phillips ced1910 bt and need igo map for it. Where can I get the map. For New Zealand even if it costs. The stereo has an sd card

  10. Hi,
    I have an aftermarket android unit with iGO8 maps on it. I need to upgrade that to latest 2020 Australia maps.
    I can purchase today so please send the details to purchase.

  11. I used to use IGO Primo (which I really liked) on my WindowsCE head unit but that head unit died.
    I have just installed an Andriod (10?) head unit and it has IGO Nextgen installed. Boot up screen when IGO loads flashes up something about ‘Israel’ – don’t know what that is about.
    Actually, I don’t really know much about Android at all – having always used Windows previously.
    Is my current IGO Nextgen the latest?
    Can I also run IGO Primo?
    I don’t know how to do that or even if it is possible.
    Country [Australia]
    Best Regards

  12. I would like to download latest maps for Australia for my aftermarket car GPS head unit. It currently has IGO maps from 2014. The head unit uses a TC card
    How do I pay the fee and get the download link

    1. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer or western union.
      For payment by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and click “send money” to send 10usd to our paypal account of

      After you paid please send me the sender’s name, so i can check and send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

  13. I’m using my Toyota WinCE in dash GPS the map is out of date, do you have new Australia map for WinCE?
    And please send me payment details so that I can send handling fee through.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, new 2020 igo Australia map for WinCE is available now. I sent you an email with more information, please check.

    1. You need to copy igo maps for the country you need in your igo related folder. For more information you can send us an email.

  14. My Android 9.0 head unit has the app for IGO but there are no maps loaded as the signal comes up but no roads or images.

    What can l do with my unit?

    1. You can check igo > content > map and see if there’s any files in your map folder. If not, then you can copy igo maps into it.

    1. Hi, all maps here are free, you can send 10usd handling fee to us, so we can upload it on googledrive and share you a link to download latest 2020 igo New Zealand maps.

  15. I came across your website while looking for IGO map downloads for my Chinese Android 9.0 head unit. The unit has the app for IGO but as far as I know there are no maps loaded as the signal comes up but no roads or images.

    How can I purchase the 2020 version maps via PayPal and install them on my unit please?

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