Australia New Zealand Sygic Maps Free Download For Android

Are Sygic maps the best car navigation map app for Android devices in Australia or New Zealand? If you have not tried Sygic maps before, maybe you can install Sygic maps and compare them with Australia & New Zealand IGO maps and choose your favorite one to use in your car navigation system or Android phone.

This latest Sygic maps for Australia and New Zealand here are 2023 version. Sygic maps work perfectly on car navigation with Android 7 or above system. The Sygic maps comes with high-quality offline TomTom maps installed.

Sygic maps are easy to use, which display on the screen very clearly for you to search for an address. It runs fast on Android 8.0+ system devices. Nowadays most Android devices like mobile phone and car navigation Android head unit have been upgraded with Android 8.0 and above version.

How to get it?

Downloading Sygic maps for Australia and New Zealand is also easy, if you want i will upload maps online and share you a link to download it, downloading speed should be fast as i only choose the fast speed site for uploading like onedrive and googledirve.

Sygic maps are free to use, you don’t need to pay for it, installing Sygic maps are also easy. I have written a post before to explain how to install and use it for Android. Just remember that the Sygic maps should be installed from your internal memory or Flash > Android > Data folder.

What you need to do is paying a handing fee of only US$10, because it takes time and resource to upload large maps files, and i will also tell you how to install it with step by step installation instructions. If you agree, you can pay to me via paypal, bank transfer or western union.

After you paid, i will send you the link to download Sygic maps for Australia and New Zealand, both Australia and New Zealand maps are included, if you just need Australia or New Zealand, that’s also ok.

I will also help you to install it if you have any questions while installing or using. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Australia Sygic maps Preview

get directions

route preview

Are you planning to upgrade your Android car navigation with latest Australia or New Zealand maps?

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I'm William, a technician working for a car navigation infotainment system company over 10 years. I'm quite familiar with aftermarket car navigation system and igo maps update, which can be easily downloaded and updated by following my steps one by one. I already helped lots of people updated their igo navigation successfully. You can check reviews on trustpilot, or check my YouTube videos and subscribe if you wish.

11 thoughts on “Australia New Zealand Sygic Maps Free Download For Android

  1. Hi I want to download Sygic map for Australia and New Zealand .I have android Chinese radio installed to my Prado 150 2016.

  2. hi there got 2015 bentely that uses DVD maps and gps the one in it from singapore any chance of getting it to nz please?

  3. I am interested in downloading NZ Sygic maps in my aftermarket NZ Lumina OEM-HAYDOZH. OEM say its possible could you please advise where i pay for the link

  4. What about IGO maps for 2017 Kia Sportage which has windows CE OS?
    Will the updates (which Kia will not supply) work with the current IGO in house navigation system?

  5. Hi. I’d like to download the New Zealand version of Sygic map. How do I go about that?

    1. Hi, latest Sygic maps for New Zealand has been updated to 2020 version now. I can upload them on googledrive and send you a link to download, maps are free, can you pay $10 handling fee?

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