Between IGO Maps And Sygic Maps – Which One Is Better?

Operating in a new environment without a map or Wi-Fi can be quite frustrating. In such cases, offline navigation comes in handy. Many people often rush to download maps with the hope of getting the efficient navigation apps. Without clear understanding, most people often end up frustrated because some offline navigational maps offer little or no assistance. As such, you need to know what works best before downloading any app.

In this article, we are going to compare iGO and Sygic offline maps with the aim of helping you identifying the best.

iGO Maps

The iGO maps refers to an offline app software package from NNG tailored to give you perfect guidance as you travel. iGO app has less storage demands that does not require too much space to store on your device yet gives you great visuals. You can use it on both android phone and aftermarket car navigation system.

igo maps

It is applicable across over 100 countries including US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Australia, France, and so on. It is possible to establish diverse routes to your preferred destination. Whether you are looking for easiest, shortest or the fastest routes, this app will show you what to consider.

You do not need the internet to get moving. It provides detailed 3D maps and landmarks for better visuals. It also comes with text-to-speech ability alongside the turn-by-turn directions for easy navigation.

Sygic Maps

Sygic maps refer to a navigation app created by a Slovak company dedicated to offering automotive and mobile navigational systems. This navigation app uses GPS screen alongside audio signals to help you in enhancing your travel orientation. It also provides live traffic as well as police and radar camera warnings. In addition, this app offers suggestions to parking places and their price suggestions.

sygic maps

Sygic GPS navigation focuses on the wide usability and offers maps for over 200 countries. It has a configuration that covers over 30 languages that include Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian and many other European languages.

It optimizes data download that allows users to use minimum amount of memory on their devices. Due to its focus on investing in regular updates, it has a huge database of various places in a given location, that include as gas station, restaurants etc.

Comparing limitations between iGO and Sygic offline apps

To get a better grasp between these two, it is important to check out some of the drawbacks associated with these apps.

On street display dimensions, iGO gets an upper hand because it comes with a bigger screen dimension alongside a transparent title bar. If we are to consider the map zoom features when driving, Sygic has the conventional and minus sign making it easier to zoom and get precise locations. As such, it scores better compared to iGO.

Using its ability to select from addresses, Sygic stands out compared to iGO. It makes it easy for you to location various spots with much ease and clarity.

Lastly, Sygic has a much-advanced 3D map showing clear views and locations. Essentially, this view gives a clear horizon and a realistic sensation especially when you are driving. It also has an itinerary function that iGO does not support.

In conclusion, in terms of features and versatility, Sygic maps stands out. Even though you will also get good service from iGO maps, Sygic comes in with dynamic features that make it a better choice. However, it depends on your habit in using these maps, i’d like to say, both of them are great maps, i use both iGO and Sygic maps.

8 thoughts on “Between IGO Maps And Sygic Maps – Which One Is Better?

  1. I big different for me are.
    In igo it is easy to find poi’s i needed e.g. campings on your route when you planned
    I cannot find this option in sygic only nearby the place you go to.
    Another problem by sygic are the put in your own poi’s. I have two own databases and thus don’t work in sygic also not as a rupi file.
    Another big difference poi you load in are only by country. In igo you can do that for compleet europe…

    But i love the screen maps from Sygic more

  2. To whom it may concern,

    1. you say that Sygic stands out over iGO but can you supply the latest Sygic maps also?

    2. also do you supply both iGO and Sygic software’s or can you recommend where to download a full version of them?

    Awaiting your prompt response

      1. When you say, Yes, you can supply the latest map updates. Do you mean for 2019 or 2020 and what quarter?

        Also what company maps can you provide?
        Garmin, Here, TomTom etc etc

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