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Do you want to download latest iGO South America maps? South America iGO maps including Chile, Brazil, Argentina are available to download now. Latest igo maps South America 2022 Q2 version include countries:

Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Bahamas, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Martinique, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Barthelemy, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Brazil HERE 2023.Q4 is available to download now. (2024 April updated)

The IGO Maps 2022 update for South America is a significant improvement on the previous versions. With new roads, highways, and points of interest, users can expect faster, more efficient navigation, and improved accuracy and coverage. The update also includes building and poi updates and is compatible with a wide range of GPS devices. The IGO Maps update for South America is a useful tool for anyone planning to navigate the continent, whether for business or pleasure.

I’ll start by telling you how to download iGO maps for South America. After that, I will tell you how to update your current iGO maps.

igo maps 2022 South America

The latest iGO maps for South America have these folders in content folder.

  • building
  • map
  • phoneme
  • poi

Some countries have building and phoneme files, others don’t. But the basic .fbl map file is necessary and included.

As we all know, poi and map files are the basic map files of iGO. So when you are trying to download new iGO maps, you are most probably get those files, not including the iGO software. If you have already got the iGO software for Wince system or Android system, that would be great, update is easier.

igo maps South America free download

How can I download iGO maps for South America?

Luckily you have found this post, I have iGO maps for South America updated version. If you want to download them, just let me know, i will send you a link to download it online. The latest iGO maps will be uploaded on onedrive or Googledrive, so there’s a link for sharing and downloading for free. Downloading speed should be fast, it depends on your network speed though.

Just with an easy click, you can download new iGO map update for your country in the computer and update it in your unit.

If your country is beyond the above listed countries. Don’t worry, I also have iGO maps for many other countries, nearly all over the world. Therefore, you can also contact me for the GPS maps for your country.

How to update my South America iGO maps?

So you have a navigation device with the old iGO maps. Updating to the latest version is very easy, just copy and paste. I assume you have already downloaded the new maps.

  1. You should backup all your old map files from a SD card or your navigation device.
  2. Now you can open the folder, copy all new files and folders in content folder. It should be with folders like building, map, poi or maybe other folders or files.
  3. Then paste them in your sd card in the same file structure. If the screen pops up with a window saying same file, just replace with the new one. There you go.

Friendly tip for newer version iGO software:

The newer Android version iGO software is better being installed in the internal storage of your navigation unit. If not, it may not work properly.

For the old Windows CE system navigation car head unit, you can just use a SD card to install iGO and storage iGO map files.

For the new Android system car navigation unit, especially for Android 8.0 system and above, you need to install iGO app in the internal storage of the device.

Besides, the internal storage from your Android car head unit should be with enough storage.

Brazil iGO Maps Demo Routes

Got a question? Please let me know, you can leave a comment below, or send me an email:

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 by Andre

IGO MAPS South Africa
Map update works perfectly fine in my car without any issues. I’m a happy customer, many thanks , Will.

 by mario

Gostaria dos mapas da argentina, paraguai e uruguai, please.

 by Alfonso
Map Igo Primo

Podría enviar link con mapa de actualizado de Sudamérica, muy agradecido.

 by Walter
Excelente. Muchas gracias

Me gustaria descargar los mapas de Argentina.

I sent you an email, please check and reply.

 by Joaquín

Me podrías por favor regalar el link para descargar los mapas actualizados de Colombia. Muchisimas gracias!

 by Lucas
Mapas de Brasil y Argentina

Me gustaria descargar los mapas de Brasil y Argentina actualizados por favor.

I replied to your email, please check.

 by Bezerra

Gostei muito site bem instrutivo gostaria atualizar mapas do meu GPS IGO NEXTGEN meu celular android A10 tenho ele funcionando gostaria atualizar para mapas mias recente.

 by Jeff
Successfully downloaded

Successfully downloaded and installed. Thank you for the link and the straightforward instructions on how to download.

 by Robert
South America igo maps

I requested 2019 igo Brazil maps, Will sent me the link and instruction quickly after i paid 10usd handling fee. Downloadig was fast from onedrive, it's so easy to update, thanks very much.

I'm William, a technician working for a car navigation infotainment system company over 10 years. I'm quite familiar with aftermarket car navigation system and igo maps update, which can be easily downloaded and updated by following my steps one by one. I already helped lots of people updated their igo navigation successfully. You can check reviews on trustpilot, or check my YouTube videos and subscribe if you wish.

105 thoughts on “Chile Argentina Brazil iGO Maps Free Download South America

  1. Hola, un gusto de saludarles, me podrían enviar por favor los link para descargar los archivos de mapas de Chile para Igo Primo a mi Muchas Gracias por compartir.

    1. Bom dia, estou precisando da atualização dos mapas Argentina e Chile.

      Se tiver disponível, agradeço.


  2. Estoy actualizando mis mapas del Media Nav de una Duster. Los mapas que figuran son: Argentina también Bolivia Brasil Chile Uruguay y Paraguay todos 2017.Q3 (en el sistema aparecen como Argentina.fbl).
    Me podrías ayudar con la actualización de esos mapas. Gracias.

    1. The latest igo maps for south America is 2022q2 version now, I just sent you an email, you can reply the email to get maps update.

  3. Hola te habla Marco, puedes enviarme los mapas de CHile, Bolivia, Argentina y Brasil. Haré un gran viaje y estare eternamente agracedido.


  4. Hi! I would like the link so i can download the map. I’m planning a trip to patagonia so It´ll be very helpfull.


    1. We can upload 2020.Q2 igo maps for South America including Bolivia on googledrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, can you pay US$10 handling fee to support us?

  5. The map of my Country Suriname is not on the list of Maps. Is it possible that you add the Map of Suriname ? Thank you ..

  6. Hola, quiero descargar, instalar y utilizar los mapas de igo en mi Jeep Renegade, agradeceria tu ayuda. (mapa de Perú)

    1. I can send you 2019q4 igo maps update for Bolivia, maps are free, can you please pay US$10 handling fee to support us?

  7. buen dia me puedes dar el enlase para descargar el paquete de actualisacion para colombia gracias

    1. Ecuador maps please or whole South America including Ecuador y Colombia.
      Many thanks, whole week searching 😔😔


    1. You can check igo > settings > content > map, so you can see the map version. Then you can see if you need to update maps for your country.

  9. Hello, is it good for GPS magellan RouteMade 3030 ?, I would like the maps of South America, you tell me if it is possible for you to tell me how to install and start working.

    thank you

    1. IGO maps update is special for aftermarket GPS, if your car has factory GPS, i’m afraid you can not install igo maps update.

  10. Por favor me pueden ayudar con la actualizacion de los ultimos mapas para Ecuador?

    Que debo hacer,… gracias,

    1. I can send you igo maps update for Ecuador, free maps, just US$10 handling fee. I will also send you step by step guide on how to update it.

    1. I can upload Brazil 2019 igo maps on onedrive and send you a link to download them, maps are free, you just need to pay usd10 handling fee, is that ok?

    1. I can send you igo maps for South America including Chile and Argentina, maps are free, you just need to pay usd10 for handling fee, is that ok?

  11. Hola! Usted tendra los mapas de Argentina 2019.q2 disponibles? Serian para un MediaNav de Renault que los uso para trabajar. Aca los estan vendiendo pero a un costo muy alto. Muchas gracias.

      1. Gracias por responder, bueno, si son los ultimos que hay y usted puede enviarme un link de descarga se lo agradecere. Atentamente lo saludo.

    1. I can upload igo maps for Ecuador on onedrive and send you a link to download it, you just need to pay USD10 for handling fee, is that ok?

    1. Hi, I can upload igo maps for South America on onedrive and send you a link to download them, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

    1. Hi, igo maps for Colombia is available, i can upload it on onedrive and send you a link to download it fast and free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

        1. I can upload igo maps for these countries on onedrive and send you a link to download them, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

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