How To Download IGO Maps Online?

If you are interested updating your current igo maps for latest version, or trying to find complete igo or sygic maps for your country, you can contact us. We will check if we have the new maps for your country available, if yes, then we can upload it online and share with you a link to download.

We don’t sell any maps, all maps are free from But please note there’s one time 10USD handling fees for uploading and sending you the link and step by step guide.

After you paid handling fee, you will receive an email with downloading link and step by step guide on how to update. Maps will be uploaded in Microsoft OneDrive, or Googledrive.

Some people get the downloading link, click the link, but still don’t know how to download, so this post i will tell you how to download igo maps online with a windows computer.

Step by step download instructions

  1. Prepare a windows computer

    After you received the downloading link, please firstly prepare a windows computer.

    Why? This will be much easier for you to download igo maps online with a windows computer.

    Please do not use a Android phone or iPhone, because the operations are more complicated than using a windows computer. And if possible, please do not use a Mac computer to download, we have heard someone said there will be a problem for using a Mac to download igo maps.

    Here’s the feedback from who used a Mac:

    “Hi Will,
    All sorted mate, unzipped the .rar files on PC and that did the trick.
    I didn’t think unzipping on mac would have made that much difference but it looks like that was the issue here.
    Thanks very much for the help anyway, much appreciated.”

  2. Click the downloading link

    Click the downloading link we sent to you in an email, or you can copy the link and paste the link on a Google Chrome address-bar then click Enter. We suggest you using Chrome browser to download igo maps. That’s because you can see download details in status bar. It shows you the file name, entire file size, speed. So you can know if it’s completely download igo maps

    NOTE: If you failed to download, that means your network is not stable to download a large file, you need to have another try. Especially for a large file like All Europe igo maps, it’s a very large file over 7GB, so you need the stable network to download it completely, if you failed to download 100%, you need to try again or ask someone else to download it for you. Please make sure it’s 100% downloaded. Then you can go ahead for the next step.

  3. Select content.rar, do not open content.rar

    In this step, someone open content.rar, then don’t know how to proceed downloading. Please note you need to select content.rar firstly, then you can click download button to start downloading.

    click download

    Then you can see downloading details in status bar.

  4. Wait for a few minutes, until it’s 100% downloaded.

    Make sure it’s 100% downloaded. For a large file it will take more time to download. For example, the entire igo Europe maps are over 7GB, so it may take one or two hours to download. This is based on your network downloading speed. You don’t need to use the entire Europe maps, that’s why i suggest you just choose to update igo maps for your country or another country you may drive to.

  5. After downloaded 100%, check if it’s complete.

    You can right-click content.rar and see if there’s any error while extracting. If there’s an error saying the archive is either in unknown format or damaged, or any other errors, that means you did not download it successfully, so you need to download again. If there’s not any error while unzip, that means your download was successful. Then you can follow the other steps to update igo maps.

    Don’t know how to extract content.rar or igo.rar? You can check this post.

This post should be detailed enough. You can also check this video:


If you still have a question, you can leave a comment below, or contact us via email: