How to Install Igo Primo Update Maps on Car Navigation Free?

This is a common question of how to install or update igo maps on car navigation. Most aftermarket car navigation comes with igo primo maps already installed, so you may need igo primo update maps after a year or earlier. While if your car navigation doesn’t have any maps installed, you will need igo navigation software download for car on a SD card or the internal storage.

igo maps

In this post, you’ll learn:

Igo Primo Update

Igo primo maps are widely installed for aftermarket navigation system in car. For igo primo update, it may refer to the primo software update or igo maps update. Igo my way primo software update means updating your igo software, while igo maps update means your car has igo primo software installed and you need to update igo maps for your country. So you should know first what do you exactly need to update, the software or the maps.

Igo primo update for the software is not necessary every year. Actually the igo software will not update frequently. As the hardware of your navigation device can not be changed once got it installed in the car, the latest igo navigation software may not work well in your navigation as it may require more memory or better CPU to run it smoothly.

If your current igo navigation works well, just the igo maps are outdated, then you can install a new igo primo maps update. Just keep using the current igo software and update map files with new ones.

Igo primo download for wince 6.0 system is necessary if your igo does not work anymore. If you want to download igo primo software, keep reading.

Igo Navigation Software Download for Car SD Card Free

If you want Igo navigation software download for sd card, make sure your sd card works. Sometimes igo does not work, it may because your sd card was defective. You can connect your sd card with a computer by a card reader. For a working sd card, you should be able to see files from your sd card in your computer. Downloading igo navigation sd card software is free, but you should know which igo navigation software is compatible with your car sd card.

Igo Primo Download SD Card Windows CE System

For wince system aftermarket navigation unit installed in the car, it’s most probably installed with igo primo navigation software. Some was installed igo 8 wince system or igo 9. You can see a primo.exe or igo.exe file in the igo folder of your sd card. Primo.exe is the navi path file, which can be set in the settings of navigation path menu. Please note primo.exe only works for wince system not for android system.

With the link, you can download igo primo software for free and other necessary igo files which can be installed in a sd card for wince system.

After you download igo navigation primo software and copy it in the sd card, you need to set navi path, so your navigation system can read map files when you click navigation icon on the screen.

If you need igo8 sd card wince system, we can also provide, just contact us to get another download link.

How to check if my navigation has windows ce system? Regularly you can check the settings of your unit, either an in-dash navigation unit or a portable navigation device. If you are able to find a navi path setting, that means your navigation has wince system not android system. Because android system does not need to set navi path. Besides, you should find a sd card slot which is special for GPS maps sd card at the front panel of your unit.

Learn more by checking igo primo navigation software user manual

If you want igo navigation software for android system, see below.

Igo Navigation Software Download for Android System

Nowadays most aftermarket navigation comes with Android system. Wince system navigation is out of date and it has limited functions.

How to check if my navigation has Android system?

The simple way is to check the settings, system information. If it writes with Android 10 OS or similar words, the unit should come with android system. You should also see many Android apps which have already installed in the Android unit.

If you want igo primo truck android version,  you can check this post: igo primo truck download

How to download igo maps to sd card?

First you need to download igo maps for your country. Prepare a windows computer, we suggest a windows computer, not a Mac. According to the feedback from someone who used a Mac to download igo maps, there’s a problem when testing, but no problem after using a windows PC.

Where can i find a download link for the latest igo maps? provides igo maps update available for all countries, you can download igo maps free. The link comes from Google drive, so there’s no ads while downloading, and the download speed is very fast if your network is good.

After you get the igo maps files, you can copy from your computer to a sd card. Want go download igo maps now? You can contact and tell us which country do you need for igo maps update.

How to install igo maps on car navigation?

Well, it depends on which system does your navigation use. A couple of years ago, the windows CE system is widely used for aftermarket car navigation. Those winCE system car navigation was installed igo primo maps. Nowadays, most aftermarket car navigation head units were installed with Android system. Android 7.1, Android 8.0, 10 or even Android 12 system, and some old devices still use the Android 4.4 or 5.1 system. If your car navigation has igo primo installed, it’s most probably with WinCE system, then you need a igo primo update.

Read on to see how to install igo primo maps on car navigation. Installation is different for car navigation with different operation systems.

Install igo maps to sd card on Windows CE system navigation

This is easier, just need to copy the entire igo or primo folder into an empty micro SD card, then set GPS path in settings of the windows CE navigation unit, the final path should be igo.exe or primo.exe, then save the settings. Then you should be able to enter into navigation system after you click navi icon from the main menu.

igo navi path setting

Install igo maps on Android system navigation

The old igo maps for Android 7.1 or lower system can be installed in the SD card, but it’s better installing the newer version like 2020, 2021 or 2022 igo maps for Android in the internal storage of the car navigation. Especially for Android 8.0+ car navigation, some igo software navigation download can only be used in the internal storage of the navigation unit.

If you see an error “Missing or incomplete folder: /sdcard/iGO” after installation, that’s because you did not install igo navigation in the internal storage.

The solution for Missing or incomplete error is to install the igo app in the internal storage of your android system. So you need to copy the igo software to the root directory of internal storage, then install it there.

install igo

You can follow these steps one by one.

  • Download latest igo maps, use a USB to copy them into the internal storage(named Flash or Internal Storage) of your car Android navigation(root directory is ok).
  • Click apkinstaller app, install, internal storage(Flash), igo folder. Then click igo.apk to start installing, the rest steps are just the same as you install any other apps in your android phone.
  • If your navigation device does not have apk installer app, you can still click file manager > internal storage > igo folder, click igo navigation software of igo.apk, so you can manually install it easily.

That’s all. Start up igo or igo primo and you should see the loading screen, then you can do the initial set up, click finish then you are able to test it.

Here’s a video for your reference: How to Install IGo APP on Android Car Stereo?

After installing on an Android car head unit, the new software will create a new screen icon, browse all apps to find the new icon named igo or igo nextgen or igo world. You can then drag and drop it onto the home screen. You may need to uninstall other old Navigation icons that will no longer be used. Launch iGO Navigation and the initial set up wizard should start, when set up is finished, a map screen showing your location will appear, this confirms installation is successful and complete.

All done!

How to upate igo maps on car navigation head unit?

Updating igo maps is pretty simple. New igo map files are located in content folder, including building, map, poi, speedcam and other folders. The new igo maps should have at least 3 folders, building, map and poi. The most important igo navigation update file is the .fbl file in the map folder.

Firstly check what files or folders you have for new igo maps in your igo navigation sd card or the internal storage of your head unit. Assuming there are only 3 folders:

building, map, poi

Then you just need to delete all files in the same folder from your old maps, so delete all files in folders including building, map and poi, then copy new ones into the same directory, that’s all. Of course, if there are other new files you can also replace the old ones with new ones.

igo maps update

How to install igo navigation for car sd card free video

Important step before installing or updating

As a reminder, before you do igo primo update, you should always backup all map files from your SD card or from the internal storage of your unit. Because some new map files may not support your igo software or not support your navigation device.

In case the new igo primo update does not work after installation, then you can restore the old igo maps files. This is a very important step.

If you found this article is helpful, or if you have any questions, you can leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Or contact us directly via email:

214 thoughts on “How to Install Igo Primo Update Maps on Car Navigation Free?

  1. Today I tried to use my navigation on my aftermarket stereo with IGO maps today and no sd card was detected. I checked the micro sd card on my PC and discovered it was corrupt. I need to reinstall everything including the latest maps. Please help.

  2. Hi 🙂
    I have recently installed an aftermarket Android headunit in my car. The preinstalled edition of iGO is called:

    iGo Navigation
    Jun 19 2018

    I would like to get the newest update for Europe and a step by step instruction have to install it? I only have an USB-slot. No SD-card.

    Greetings from Denmark

    1. I bought a vehicle with a XTC R32 vw replacement radio with i go primo navi on radio but does not connect to server….
      Must i update the maps or what must i do
      I think i have the serial key for the subscription that shows on the radio….
      Any assistance would be much appreciated please.

  3. I am a user of the iGO my way primo software. I live in New Zealand and I haven’t update my map since 2016.
    Can I possibly get the New Zealand latest Map? Thank you.

      1. I had an aftermarket head unit replaced in my 2009 tiguan 4 yrs ago with igo primo maps it is now out of date and requires an update. Could you possibly help me on how to update . Thnk you.

  4. Hi. I installed igo primo in my aftermarket android 10 device in my car and when I open it,it says searching for gps signal. It was working properly to my previous android device in my car. The GPS is on because the Google maps are working normally.
    Any advice?

    1. There may be something wrong with your igo primo software. You can drive the car outside, after a few minutes if it still shows searching for gps signal, you can install another igo software for android system to have a try.

  5. I am a user of the iGO my way primo software. I have been highly satisfied with its performance and accuracy. However I am reaching out to request the new maps for my country so that I can ensure my navigation data is up to date for my travels in the region.

    As you may be aware, having accurate and current maps is essential for a navigation experience in a diverse and dynamic country. To maintain my reliance on iGO for all my navigation needs I kindly request access to the latest maps.

    Kindly inform me of the method or provide a link where I can download the most recent maps.

  6. I have an aftermarket android 5.0 device and wanted to update my iGO software and install more recent maps. I deleted the iGO map from the root from the device. Unfortunately the memory from the device is only 1Gb… which made me decide to reinstall the old software through apk file. I copied the apk file from the external mem. card, and put it in the root ( as adviced). But when installing, the software doesn’t install, there is NO iGO map created in the root. Which makes it impossible to update the maps.
    Did I do something wrong?

    1. Most igo apps need to be installed in the internal storage of the device, if your internal storage is too low, you can do a factory reset to save storage, then you can install igo app in the internal storage.

  7. I have an unbranded YHT Technology Co head unit an iGo primo map downloaded that was last updated in 2015, that suddenly gave me this warning that reads “The application failed to start last time. Do you want to reset to factory defaults and lose all your POIs, tracks and settings?” I have clicked no and it does not load to view. It won’t open the navigation any more.

    1. You can do a factory reset to your unit by clicking a small reset hole at the front panel, if still not working, you need to install another igo software and maps.

  8. Hallo,
    Können Sie mir die neuesten Igo-Karten und auch die Igo-Navigationssoftware mit Anleitung senden,
    mfg Klaus

  9. I recently bought a car navigation radio and when i go and click on the GPS button it says that there is no GPS card so i was wondering what all i have to download to a SD card and about how big of a SD card i would need.

    1. You will need igo software for your radio and the igo maps for your country. Usually a 8GB SD card should be enough.

  10. Hello, I have just acquired a gps tablet “m515, android 4.4.2” for Thailand. Everything works perfectly, except that when I click on navigation, it says:IGO navigation, missing or incomplete directory/SD card/IGO. Do you have a solution for this problem. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi, I recently purchased a 2000 Jaguar XJR and it has an aftermarket Jensen VX7020 head unit installed in it. The unit has a 4gb SD card that was displaying an “out of memory” error code when I would touch the Navigation icon on the screen. I reset the unit and the error message no longer appears. The message may be gone but the navigation/maps do not appear. Rather it does nothing at all. The screen just stays there displaying the iGO/primo logo and that’s it. I’m at my wits end and desperately need your help.
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Hello. I buy map uppdates from you, i installed in my androidcarstereo Wen i start IGO i a message: Missing or incomplete / sdcard/IGO. Do you have an solution .
    Thanks, Leif.

  13. I have recently bought and installed a Android 9 Head Unit into my 2010 Subaru WRX, the car had IGO Primo GPS Maps installed but the old versionI then tried to install an update from the Suppliers’ Link they have send me but It seems it just do not want to work. I then uninstalled all IGO Navigation as per my supplier and installed a downloaded IGO Navigation app which is still on the system but with a trial map which expires in the next 3 days, I really don’t want to buy the full map pack for IGO Navigation because I think IGO Primo is a better Navigation App, is it possible to help me to download IGO Primo on my Head unit again with updated igo maps for my country, I really don’t mind paying for it as long as I can load it and not have to worry about it again.

    1. Yes, that works to install igo primo on your android unit with the latest igo maps update for your country. After you send 10 usd handling fee, we will send them to you, also with step by step on how to install igo primo software and maps for your country, and assist you via emails if you need any other help.

    2. Buongiorno a tutti. Ho smarrito la scheda del mio navigatore. Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi a recuperare tutti i file?

  14. Excellent customer service from William. Replied to all my emails fast. Even assisted me with step by step instructions on how to download igo primo maps. Will definitely be in touch for later updates.

  15. My car is using Igo9 or igo primo (I’m not sure which one is right) on the aftermarket unbranded head unit .I wanna update the map but i couldn’t find the right one. Just wonder can i use the maps you provide on my GPS car head unit? many thanks

  16. I don`t have any igo maps because I`ve deleted it from the sd card. I used to have Igo primo on the sd card an old version.
    I was wondering if you could help me to download the latest igo primo maps update.

      1. I don`t have any igo maps because I`ve deleted it from the sd card. I used to have Igo primo on the sd card an old version.
        I was wondering if you could help me to download the latest igo primo maps update. Please and thank you so much

  17. Hi, my old double din head unit (Win CE) used IGO PRIMO on a SD Card. My new head unit has no SD CARD SLOT but I need to load ANDROID IGO on it. Where do I get IGO and AUSTRALIAN maps and how do I load them into the new head unit running ANDROID 10.
    Thanks for any help.

    1. We can send you igo world or igo pal navigation software for android system, also with igo maps for your country, and step by step installation instructions. You can send us an email to get them.

  18. Hey there,
    I got a old Chinese radio but don’t know how to download it on there. Is it possible to get Europe maps to place on the micro sd card. It would really help me out a lot.

    1. If your aftermarket radio has wince system, you can load igo primo windows ce maps to sd card. As for how to install igo primo maps, please check this post which tells you clearly how to do that. Still got a question? you can also send us an email, we reply emails within 24 hours.

  19. Hi,I have a chinese double din head unit from 2016 with wince and I lost my igo maps gps sd card. Could you please help and send me a link or something where I could download the igo primo maps for USA onto a new SD card?? PLEASE???

    1. Ho perso la micro con Igo primo, inserita su stereo erisin con Wince, mi servirebbe il software Igo Primo con mappe aggiornate 2022 Europa con aree sosta camper. Mi fate sapere modalità e prezzo.

  20. Hi, I am looking for maps for the United States, my android head unit came with iGo on it but just had Germany maps on it.

  21. Hello I need to download last update for Egypt maps and install it on SD card what should I do.
    and what is the year of last update for this version .

        1. Hello,I have blueberry truck navigatiin with igo primo. How I can update latests maps and Igo aplication?

  22. My iGo Map App shows 2017…I am in USA (Florida) and would love the new version for my Android v9 car stereo. Thanks in advance! Happy New Year!!!

      1. canada.
        i dont know exacly if the app is fully intalled or not
        i also would like to hjave the maps from canada

      2. Hi my Philips ced1800bt uses igo8 in its nav . Can you tell me where I can get the latest micro sd card for Europe Great Britain which is compatible for my stereo or how and where to get the latest igo 8 update . Many thanks Andy

  23. how i can add egypt maps on my igo navigation on my car system without sd card if it can by usb or by internet it will be better

  24. i lost my honda city 2017 igo primo next gen sd card
    how to download it on new sd card, so that it can work with my car navigation in india

        1. Hi, wondered if you could help, I have igo on android 10 px5.
          All works apart from the 3D building and terrain, 3d not much different from 2D

  25. i lost my honda city igo primo next gen sd card
    how to download it on new sd card, so that it can work with my car navigation in india

  26. I have after market Chinese radio with android 10, I did a factory reset and now I do not have navigation, how could I fix it?

      1. Hi i have ig0 2011 installed in my car and works but when i put the card and put it in the computer i can’t access the card, just say needs formatting.

  27. kære Min GPS Maps.
    jeg har en gamle version IGO Maps danmark og europa. jeg vil ikke hvordan man download igo maps og opdateringen kort. håber du hjælpe mange tak

    hilsen hung

  28. Hello,
    I have a aftermarked naviceiver (windows cd) in my car. And I have an old version from IGo installed.
    Now I want to update.
    Do you have the up to date version, which is avaiable from IGo?
    And if I understand correctly, I send you 10USD , you´ll send me the download link.
    And for installing, I only copy the files to a new micro SD card. Put her into the naviciever, and choose the path where igo.exe is located?
    Best regards

    1. Yes, after you sent 10 usd handling fee, i will send you a download link and step by step installation instructions.

    1. Hi I had igo primo on my car gps /stereo mp5.
      I took out sd card to update maps and upon inserting sd card back into slot it fell inside the dash and cannot be retrieved.
      Do I need a complete igo primo and maps on another sd card or just maps?
      It’s windows ce I believe??

      1. I need to check what’s inside of your sd card, and check how does it work now with your navigation function, then i can know what may be your problem.

    1. Does your car have an aftermarket navigation unit installed or original one? Is it with wince system or android system?

  29. Hallo,
    meine Europa Maps Daten sind von 2019Q4.
    Gibt es aktuelle Daten zum Download für mein Junsun 2 DIN Android Autoradio mit iGO Primo?

  30. hello

    I have a old mp5 car radio from wish…but now my sd card was broken so i need to install navi complete new…ig i start navi i can see only a white screen…can you help me?
    thanks i havo no android os so i thing is only a old wince..

  31. I have 2015 Holden Captiva, it does not have Navigation software installed, can you please share the igo navigation software.

  32. Hi.
    I got a Parrot Asteriod Smart Head Unit in my car. It’s rather ancient, running Android 2.38, but I love it… 🙂
    I got IGO My Way(IGO Primo) navigation version on it with maps of Western Europe on a SD Card. The maps are from 2014. Du you have any map updates for this unit?
    Best Regards
    Jakob (Denmark)

      1. I need to resinstall the sd card files / maps for South Africa for my Targa double din radio with gps. Can you please assist

          1. Hi. I downloaded the igo software on my android car radio. I bought the south african maps but the download does not want to download. Pls help

  33. I’ve recently bought a car with the iGo Primo WinCE navigation system and I think the maps might not have been updated for a while (if at all). How would I go about finding out the version they are and how to go about getting them updated?

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Hello,
    I have a navigation mirror with the IGO navigation software on an SD card. The SD card is damaged but I recently made a backup of this card. However, I am not getting the backup working for some reason. It is a navigator.exe file which I then select in the menu of the navigation device. Do you have any idea what could be causing the software not to start? are there any essential files / folders that should be added or deleted? thanks in advance, Lambert

  35. Hey, I accidentally put the SD card in my phone and formatted it, can you send me the windows software for Australia?

  36. I brought an aftermarket car mp5 radio with gps. It came with IGO maps on an SD card but it doesn’t work when I put the NAvi path to PRIMO software and start navigation, it starts to load and then stops. I was told that maybe it’s because the maps are not up to date or an issue with SD. After searching on the internet for a solution I found your website and you say if I email you I can get a link to reinstall the software with updated MAPS?

    1. Yes, i can send you working igo software with updated igo maps for your country, also with step by step instructions on how to install it, just $10 handling fee, is that ok?

          1. Hey i had an igo navigation on a sd card i lost lost it but and now i cant use the gps and i paid extra money for the receiver please help i want uae map

  37. Hello, I’ve downloaded all the updated igo 8 maps on a formatted SD card and put it in my Chevrolet Captiva (2013) system which runs Windows CE 5.0, but it says that “is not a valid WinCE application” – although I have checked the SD card also on external GPS and it works.
    Any idea on how can I solve this issue is much appreciated!

    1. Hallo! Sorry for my english. I have Alpine radio model: INE-W990 HDMI. This is aftermarket radio im my Kia Ceed and use Igo Primo 2.
      Thee map in a radio are Here2017Q2. I try install new map – Here2020Q2 from Torrent, but they dont go. Maps are there, but radio says:inactive content. Next problem is, my radio dont see new license, but still license 2017Q2. There is some problem, but I dont know, which… Can you send me files for IGO and maps for Europe, specially for Slovakia?

  38. Hi, I have purchased Nav N Go iGO 8. I have an older version, Please provide an update.

    Can you help me get the right UAE and Middle East MAP, please? Thanks

    1. Hello, I can send you 2019q3 igo maps update for Middle East including UAE, also with step by step update guide, maps are free, can you send $10 to support us?

      1. Hi, can you please send latest igo maps file on my email.Thank you so much in advance.
        For Australia .

  39. Hi I have a ford focus. Which I’ve put in a aftermarket satnav. But it keeps crashing on me. It’s a nng igo 8. and on window ce 6.0.
    Can you help me getting the right uk and Europe maps updates please.

      1. Hi, I have the same Satnav in my van as Brain Barton and want to update to latest EU maps. I can’t find anywhere that tells me how to do it and where to get the maps from.
        Please can you help – I see you helped Brain Barton

        Thanks in anticipation

  40. Hi I have a Hoxaio 2 din player with GPS device.
    I have igo maps in the folder but the maps are not working.
    app version Navi-V11190118
    OS Version 2018011618
    Model as EW6800/Easy way
    Can you suggest how to install maps since i have copied the files in SD card an plugged in GPS slot, but the navigation fails.

    1. I don’t know what’s your exact problem from what you said. If your unit is with wince system, you need to set navi path in settings.

  41. For anyone that is dubious :

    I was very sceptical myself, however i bit the bullet and now i have my SatNav updated to 2020 without no hassle and a very easy install process. My GPS Maps responded very quickly and helped every step of the way .. and all for $10

    Thank you very much My GPS Maps

  42. I have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler and I just swapped out the OEM Sirius system for a Stinger HEIGH10 Infotainment center. Is there a way I can install iGO navigation on an SD card? The user guide is not really very helpful in providing information on what I need to get the Navigation portion of the system working. TYIA.

    1. That depends on the unit you installed in your car. Does it have wince system or android system? what’s the exact version?

  43. Hi. My Igo 8 maps 2019 Australia region (working on Window CE head unit) recently does not work. 1st, The maps located my current location is in Sydney, Australia although I am quite far away from that (Brisbane, Australia). 2nd, the arrow does not move when I drive. Where ever I drive to, the arrow still stay stationary without moving. Is there any way I can fix these issues? Thank you so much!!

  44. I have a windows operating system(OS: EN-PRIMA-256mn v1.55, Shell: 2.87.8) and ran into some issue due to which the SD card was all formatted.
    I now need the folder that’s mentioned on the top. Where can I download it from ??

    1. I can send you igo software for wince system also with igo maps for your country, maps are free, can you pay US$10 handling fee?

  45. My Honda City car bought in 2018 came pre installed with igo in India. The maps are old and not updated. What is the latest version available? How can I update

    1. Does your car have aftermarket GPS unit installed? Is it with wince system or android system?

        1. I can upload 2019q4 igo maps(updated in 2020) for Europe on googledrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

  46. Hallo,
    I need new updated Europe maps for this year 2020,
    to my aftermarket navigator.
    I will send 10 US$ right now via Pay-Pal!

    Thanks in advance!
    Kindest Dan

  47. Hallo,
    I need complete software and Europe maps for this year 2020 including TURKEY because my MICRO SD Card is broken.

  48. 1) can I install your maps on a Alpine in dash audio / GPS system ?? ( 2 ) do you have Proper ( full ) Off Road maps ?? ( 3 ) costs ??

    1. If your gps unit has original igo maps installed, there may be limit to update new maps. I have igo maps update for nearly all countries in the world. Maps are free, just usd10 handling fee.

      1. I have bought junsun carplay from Hongkong .In that device there is igo maps but in that map India map is not there.How can I insert Map of India in it?

        1. After you paid $10 handling fee, i will send you igo India maps content and step by step installation instructions.

  49. I tried updating igo maps on my hizpo headunit and when ive gone to update it the maps have been wiped of the sd card and now does not load on the navi application

  50. hi, where and how can I get the latest igo Australian map upgrade ? I have the kernel number andapp, mcu,list and canbus numbers as well

  51. I have an: iGo my way gps. Bought on Amazon for my 2001 VW Jetta. It came as a unit with CD player, radio, etc. I can put in an address and it acknowledges the address but when I press “set as destination “ it goes to another city that makes no sense. I have played around with it and getting an error saying. “Error loading file i18n/hlp_settingroute.xhtml.

    Any suggestions on how to fix.

      1. Can you tell me what you recommend I do to fix the problem. I have no Idea where to start.
        Please email me with directions. Thanks

        1. What’s your exact problem? I searched your email but did not find any emails you sent to us before.

  52. boas gostaria de saber se tem o software completo para download com os mapas europeus para instalar no telemóvel ? desde já o meu obrigado

  53. i need to download igo 8.3.5 for my aftermarket navigation system. i already have maps, but due to some issue my sd card got corrupted and i no longer can use igo on my car. can you please provide a link to download 8.3.5 version or any latest igo version that will be supported on WIndows CE?

    1. I have igo primo for aftermarket navigation with Windows CE system, i can send to you, can you pay $10 handling fee?

  54. We have put in our car system but when we go into Igo nav it says missing files was pre loaded when we bought it what can we do

  55. Hello,
    I have a chinese head in my VW Passat B7 (ISUDAR). I would like to change the GPS file path because the original setting is Navitel.exe but it doesn’t work well. I want to change it into iGO.exe but I don’t know how can I do this.
    Could you help me please? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello, your car has aftermarket Chinese navigation unit installed on it right? You can pay US$10 handling fee to us so we can send you igo software and tell you how to install it.

    1. I’m unsure if I’ve already emailed you but could really do with your help on this..

      I’ve just bought an Android 10 car radio and the maps are missing and believe I now need a completely new file to get it to work as it should?

      Can you therefore please send the download file so I can get this sorted?

      Thank you,

  56. What type of gps antenna do I need for igo primo that I have just installed into my car
    Its can’t find satellites??

  57. Perfekt !!!!
    Gutes Navi, guter Service!! 100 %

    Ich kann “Will” nur empfehlen, perfekter Service!
    Schnell , zuverlässig, und vor allem hilfsbereit für Probleme!

    Service und vor allem wie schnell er reagiert auf die E-Mail s …….TOP !!!! Perfekt! Top

    Immer wieder gern!
    Danke, schöne Weihnachten !


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