How To Install And Use Sygic Navigation Maps For Android

You have downloaded full Sygic navigation maps, but don’t know how to install or use it? Don’t worry, in this post, i will teach you step by step how to install Sygic maps for Android.

Sygic maps are offline GPS navigation maps without requiring an internet connection. No matter you have a smartphone or aftermarket car navigation Android head unit, the installation is the same. You just need to follow these steps as below.

How To Install Or Update Sygic Maps?

  1. If your downloaded Sygic maps are compressed, so first thing you need to do is uncompress the folder, let’s take 2018 Sygic maps for example, you can see there are 2 folders inside.
    sygic maps folders
  2. Use a USB flash drive or a micro SD card to copy these file folders.
  3. connect the USB flash drive or micro SD card(if your Android device has SD card slot) with your Android smartphone or Android head unit
  4. Check filemanager app, copy com.sygic.aura and Sygic.apk into the internal storage > Android > Data folder.File Browser
  5. You can start installing the Sygic app now.install sygic maps
  6. Click Sygic.apk to start installinginstall an update
  7. Then you can see Sygic apps now.Sygic app already installed
  8. Just click this Sygic icon, it will load Sygic maps, and you can start using Sygic navigation now.

How to Use Sygic Maps?

After you installed the Sygic maps, you can search, create routes, or navigate without internet connection.You can also setup your Home and Work addresses, this is convenient for your later use.

The only required thing is GPS antenna connected so you can get good GPS signals. Please note if your car or smartphone is in the house, you are not able to receive good GPS signals, so the Sygic may display looking or waiting for GPS signals, you can drive the car or take your Android phone outside.

You can click Search for a city name or street name of the destination you need to go.

You can also click MENU icon to change settings about language, time format, distances units, sound and voice, display modes, and other settings.

sygic icons

sygic settings

sygic languages

sygic voice

There are more other features for you to try, you can download the full Sygic GPS Navigation for Android User Manual here.

In, you can download Sygic maps for USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, European countries, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, nearly all over the world. Sygic maps update is also available.

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