How to Set Igo Navigation Path on Car GPS?

Aftermarket car navigation system with Wince system needs to set navi path for igo maps. This is different for Android navigation unit. Setting a navigation path is special for Windows CE system car GPS. If you lost your GPS card, or your maps card is defective, you need to get a new sd card with igo or igo primo software and maps. After you insert the GPS card into the GPS card slot of your head unit, you can follow these steps one by one to set igo navigation path.

Prepare a SD card with igo software and maps for your country

  1. you can buy a SD card online or from a local store if you don’t have it.
  2. copy igo or igo primo software with igo maps for your country. If you don’t have igo maps, or need igo maps update, we provide such service with free maps, just $10 service fee.
  3. when your GPS card already comes with igo software and maps inside, insert the GPS card into the GPS card slot of your navigation unit.

    Note: There may be 2 sd card slots from your unit, you need to check which one is for GPS maps. If you put the GPS maps in the wrong SD card slot of your unit, the system can not detect the maps.

Set igo maps navi path in your car GPS unit

  1. click settings from main menu on the screen
  2. try to find out navi path setting option
  3. click navi path icon, then you can select the right path to igo.exe, or primo.exe, or igo8.exe.
    For example: \Storage Card\IGO8\iGO8.exe
    igo navi path setting
  4. Then click to save your navi path setting.
  5. Now you can press GPS or navigation icon from main menu, igo should work now.

The above settings steps are the same for portable and in-dash aftermarket navigation with Wince system. For Android navigation system you don’t need to set navi path.

If you are not able to set navigation path from your settings > navi path, the problem may be from your sd card, you can try another sd card. If still not working, your sd card slot may be defective, then you need to contact the supplier of your navigation unit, they may send you a new sd card slot to replace the defective one.

11 thoughts on “How to Set Igo Navigation Path on Car GPS?

    1. Geia sou file mou. Molis agorasa to Felix FX-209 kai thew na xrisimopoihsw to GPS. Mhpws gnwrizeis ti prepei na kanw?

  1. Good evening, you sent me the link but on my own mistake I did not explain to you that I also need the iGO8 operating system
    Thank you

  2. I recently bought a car.
    When I go to the Navigator I get a pop up message saying “No path found”
    I noticed that the SD Card is missing.
    Please send me the content that is meant to be in the SD card
    The Navigation Map Path is …\iGo\iGo8.exe

    1. You will need to install igo software for wince and igo maps for your country. We can send all to you, can you send $10 handling fee to support our site?

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