Hungary 2021 Igo Maps Free Download Update

2021 igo maps for Hungary are available to download free now. You can update your current Hungary fbl igo map files with the latest 2021 version. Update is easy if you follow our installation steps one by one. The igo 2021 Hungary maps are special for aftermarket navigation with old Wince system or new Android system, it’s not for the original navigation, as the original navigation may have a limit to change files, so you may get a license error after installation.

2021 igo hungary map

New 2021 Hungary igo map files include:

  • Hungary_NNG_2021.06_210611.fbl
  • Hungary_NNG_2021.06_210611_(AP).fpa
  • Hungary_NNG_2021.06_210611_(DA).fda
  • Hungary_NNG_2021.06_210611_(TI).ftr

As you can see, it not only includes fbl file, but also fpa, fda and ftr files, and latest 2021 poi file Hungary_NNG_2021.06_210614.poi, latest 2021 speed camera file.

How to get free download igo Hungary map?

We will help with updating igo maps in your aftermarket android GPS media player unit if you have never done that before. All our maps update is free, as we need to pay for the storage fee to Google-drive or One-drive, and it takes time and effort to help you, we would appreciate if you can support us just 10 usd as a handling fee, no cost for the new maps. After you sent 10 usd handling fee, we will send you an email with a link from Google-drive to download the new map, also with step by step installation instructions.

igo hungary 2021 maps

No matter you have a Wince system GPS unit, or Android GPS unit, you can also check our previous post How To Install And Update IGO Maps On Car Navigation?

Still got a question? No worries, we will do the best to help you from the start to the end. If necessary, we can also remote control to update maps for your unit.

If you are from Hungary, you can update your igo maps to 2021 version. If you need igo maps download for other European countries, the latest version is 2020 Q4 version, by clicking the left link, that page includes many reviews from others, so you can see we have already helped a lot of people updating igo maps successfully.

For Android GPS unit or Android phone, 2021 Sygic maps are also compatible. If you need Sygic maps for Android, we can also provide, free to install and use.


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