Igo Maps 2023 Europe Free Download Igo Primo Update

The latest igo maps 2024 Europe free download is available from mygpsmaps.com now, the latest igo maps Europe is 2023 Q4 version which were updated in 2024. It’s compatible with igo primo, igo8, igo nextgen, igo world software, as long as your car has an aftermarket navigation unit installed. 2023 2024 igo maps Europe download is totally free.

New release for igo maps Europe: latest 2023.Q4 Version, updated in 2024.

Igo primo maps 2023 Europe free download includes new maps files like building, map, phoneme, poi, and speedcam. You can replace the old igo primo map file with new ones easily, just copy and paste.

We will upload latest igo 2023 Europe maps on Googledrive or onedrive. With a simple click, you can easily download it. All you need to do is sending a US$10 handling fee to support us, then you can get a link together with step by step download and update guides. Because it does take time and storage for maps storage and uploading.

Besides, if you have any questions while downloading or updating igo maps, we will do the best to assist you. We don’t sell maps, we just provide reliable and professional service for igo maps 2023 free download.


2023 igo maps europe free download


Whether you have an aftermarket car navigation head unit with Windows CE system or Android system, if it comes with old igo Europe maps, mygpsmaps is the best place for you to update them. You can check reviews from others who updated igo Europe maps before with us at the bottom of this post, so you can know we have already helped so many people updated their igo maps successfully.

Igo maps 2023 Europe free download works for both Windows CE and Android system navigation head unit. If you have updated igo primo maps before, it should be very easy for you to download and update this igo Europe 2023 maps. While if you have never updated igo maps before, don’t worry. With our simple step by step installation instructions, you should also be able to update it successfully. You just need to follow our steps one by one.

igo maps 2022 europe

Igo maps 2023 Europe free download

Igo maps free download available for these countries:

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City.

igo Europe maps 2021 free download

IGO Here Maps Europe 2023 Free Download Content Folder

The igo maps 2023 Europe files include these map folders:

  • building
  • map
  • phoneme
  • poi
  • speedcam

After you download the igo maps Europe 2023 version, in the content\map folder, you can see fbl, fda, fpa, fsp, ftr files for all European countries.

fbl is the actual map file and it’s the most important igo map file for a country.

ftr file includes truck information for truck drivers, so this igo map 2023 for Europe also supports igo primo truck version.

If you need igo maps update for a truck, please contact us, we can tell you how to install and set it.

As for the other files or folders in your content folder, you don’t need to delete or update them. If you delete some necessary files, igo may not work properly after installation. So following our steps one by one is very important.

Igo maps 2023 Europe free download FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.

  1. How can I get the download link for 2023 igo Europe maps?

    Answer: Firstly you can send US$10 one time handling fee to us, then we will send you a link to download 2023 igo Europe maps. We will also send you step by step instructions on how to download and update igo Europe maps. For $10 fee, it’s not the maps price, we don’t sell any maps, 2023 igo maps from mygpsmaps.com are totally free. We not only send you a link to download new maps, but also with our service to help you update igo maps.

  2. When can I get the free download link?

    Answer: In working hours, we will send you the link very soon, in a minute or a few minutes. No more than 24 hours! If you did not receive the link, please contact us, please also check your spam folder, because our email may be in your junk folder.

  3. Can you help me for downloading and updating?

    Answer: Absolutely yes. If you have any questions for any step from our guide, you can also contact us via email or WhatsApp. We will provide you more information and tell you what do do next. If necessary, we can also remote help you to download and update via Teamviewer.

  4. Does this 2023 igo Europe map update work for my navigation?

    Answer: It’s special for aftermarket car navigation head unit with Wince system and Android system. If your navigation is the original one in your car, it may not work, because there may be a limit to update your original GPS maps with aftermarket ones, you can tell us your car navigation information, then we can check for you. Except aftermarket car navigation unit, it works for Android phones and android tablets as well.

For the 2023 igo Europe maps free download step by step instructions, you can check this video:

By the way, if you need Igo TomTom Europe maps, we can also provide. Both Igo here Europe maps and Igo TomTom Europe maps are available. You can choose one between the two.

Still got a question? You can leave a comment below, or contact us via email: support@mygpsmaps.com


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Average rating:  
 75 reviews
 by Ivan Nikolov

Everything about this is simply perfect, the program the maps and above else the customer service is absolutely brilliant.

 by ADAM
good job

Changed maps for the first time. everything worked out the first time.

 by Luc Declerck
Excellent service

I couldn't get the downloaded maps installed on my Android head unit. The internet is with lots of people who claim to have the solution. Not! It just wouldn't work.
I got in touch with William who came with simple (idiotproof) instructions for the installation. Bingo!
I'm very happy with the iGO navigation quality. A big thank you to William for excellent support!

 by dan nicholls
very helpful

got to say service was brilliant think i gave him a headache. but he persevered with me after loads of emails got there in the end if it wasn't for will i have chucked it away so all i can do is thank him for sorting for me

 by Kev
Service doesn't get better than this!

Sometimes we come across something that appears to good to be true - however, for just $10 towards Will's costs this is absolutely genuine. Will very quickly sent me the latest maps download and was very patient while expertly providing guidance to a couple of installation hurdles to install to work on my car's 6 year old head unit. Absolutely, awesome that I now have the latest maps and, service exactly how it should be. Highly recommended and I'll definitely be back again for a future update. Thank you so much Will.

 by Slavo
Mapy 2023

👍 všetko funguje, pán je rýchly v komunikácii, a pomoci

 by Allan millard
Sad card update igo

Thankyou so much to William who helped down load and advise me when I was stuck as I am not good with computers cannot
Cannot praise him enough.👍

 by John Bywater
It Works

Hi William
Thank you so much for your clear instructions and rapid response to my issue. 5 star+ The best 10 USD I've spent in a long while. You are clearly genuine and happy to sort out any issues.
Kind Regards
John Bywater (UK)

 by Jan
fodsports update works great

After updating, everything works fine, had to set the language back from Chinese, but you described it very good, great support, best 10$ invest, i ever made, thank you

 by Mitch
New maps and primo fix

Was a little apprehensive at first but not only did I get some latest maps Will also sorted me out a fix with my crashing igo primo software, can’t recommend him enough, A* 👌

 by R. L.
Perfect Service

Got the Downloadlinks and Instructions a few Minutes after Payment. After a few Problems and a lot of Help from Will everything works fine now! I am absolutely happy with my Android Car radio now.

 by Alen

Best service ever - everything worked quickly and perfectly!

A big thank you to William!!!

 by Lmauduit1
Europ map for Renault R Link 2

Nice to download IGO Europe 2022.Q4 and possibility after unlocking R Link 2 on my Renault Scenic 4 to upgrade any country map.
Thank a lot

 by tudorel
very good

Everything was good!
William was helpful. Quick answer, downloaded and working well the new maps!
thanks again!

 by kostas
igo maps 2021-2022update

Everything working perfect.
Thank you William!!!!

 by André
IGO Maps Win CE

William was very helpful in completely installing the IGO maps on my SD card.
Great service and I can definitely recommend to anyone who has problems with their navigation.
I'm glad everything is working again

 by Henk
IGI8 map update

Fast response and perfect service!
Everything went smooth and without problems.
Now my old 2009 Navigo is up to date again!

 by Norman Williamson
IGO8 Update

Paid my $10.00, received the link for the European Maps, had some issues with extracting the files but communications with Will at MYGPSMAPS resolved the issues and the update worked on my IGO8 (7" 2010 Model). Updated only the maps I wanted. Cheaper than buying a new satnav!

 by Tim Brown
iGO Maps for Android

Great service from Will, step by step instructions, had a small problem which he helped with (just something I overlooked) Got the latest west Europe iGO map for free which I couldn't find elsewhere. Well recommended.

 by M. M. Chughtai
iGo Maps

Absolutely fantastic. Download content.zip file. Unzipped and installed on existing Sdcard. Maps worked with no problems. It took me about 45 minutes altogether. Very satisfied with bargain.

 by himmelbauer

Just you need to have a google account to be able to download
After you should follow exactly what the instructions says.
I got a case were replacing all did not work. I just updated the map i wanted. And then everything works

 by Andrej
Very good response

The Igo8 maps I got here works perfectly up to date.
Thanks again. 👍😁

 by Damian

I was very dubious when i first saw the advert $10 could this be for real???


I sent the information about my aftermarket stereo with the software version and within minutes i was sent details on how to make payment via paypal.. i returned an email proving payment and the download link with full clear installation instructions was returned..

I struggled due to my own computer software and sky firewalls but the technical help team were on hand instantly and were more than willing to assist until i had successfully got a working product..

THANK YOU EVERYONE INVOLVED FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE AND SUPPORT.... Highly recommended and i shall be back for any further updates...

 by Petros
Very helpful and professional

Maps are working fine support is very helpful and professional I definitely recommend to everyone!!

 by Henrik Nordeng
Best support ever

I highly recommend Mygpsmaps.com. They are without a doubt the best people i have ever had the pleasure to get help from. So kind and helpful. Words can't describe how thankful i am for all of their support. You really are the best.

 by Xynyxs
no hidden tricks

... and really good support

 by Joe
New Update Maps

Excellent software provider and very very helpful.
thank you once again

 by Golf
European maps update

Updating map was quick and easy. Got 5Gb files download link with all instructions by next morning. Great service.

 by E.T.
Fantastic Update

What a fantastic update service. After doing the simply steps I had the European maps updated to the last version. I had no problems, everything worked fine. Thank you very much!

 by Keith
European msps

What a fantastic software provider, i can't praise them highly enough. Two emails and a voluntary 10 buck donation and i had the most up to date map software. I attempted to do it via igo but it was a waste of time.......

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I'm William, a technician working for a car navigation infotainment system company over 10 years. I'm quite familiar with aftermarket car navigation system and igo maps update, which can be easily downloaded and updated by following my steps one by one. I already helped lots of people updated their igo navigation successfully. You can check reviews on trustpilot, or check my YouTube videos and subscribe if you wish.

156 thoughts on “Igo Maps 2023 Europe Free Download Igo Primo Update

  1. I am from the Netherlands and would like to have the map of Europe for my car navigation on an SD card.

    Already had the map of Europe but also miss a number of countries such as Germany, could you send me the update of Europe.

    yours sincerely

    1. Yes, i can send you igo europe maps update including all countries as you can see in this post, can you send 10 usd handling fee to support us?

  2. I have an after market Satnav using the WinCE system & IGO 8. I would like to obtain an update for Europe maps. I’m happy to send the $10 handling fee (by paypal ?). Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Dave

  3. I want to install the IGo Primo Truck with the most updated European maps that I have on an Android radio with android version 11 and a resolution of 1024*600

    What is the latest update of the maps of Europe that you have?
    Can you send me instructions for installing both things?

    I would like to know what I should do to provide me with the download links for the IGO Primo truck and the maps of Europe. Where and how do I make the payment?
    all the best

    1. The latest version of igo europe maps is 2023 q2 now.
      I can send you igo truck apk for android system and igo europe maps, also with step by step installation instructions, maps are free, just 10 usd handling fee, i send you an email with more information, please check and reply.

  4. Hi, I have an after market GPS with Win Ce system. I want to update my UK maps (not rest of Europe).
    What is the date of the latest UK maps you have and how do you send them (Email attachment ?).
    Happy to send $10 handling via paypal.
    I look forwards to hearing from you.
    Regards Dave

  5. I’m looking for a full system for my car’s navigation system for windows CE. If possible, I would like to have a download for IGO Maps for Europe or at least Germany (with neighbor countries if possible) that is runned by windows CE.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Hi,
    i just installed the latest version of igo navigation for android phone from play store. Do you have maps for europe that I will be able to pair with this program on the Android 12 platform. Also, I tried the maps that are on the play store and they work fine. Thanks!

  7. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I have android china radio system which is Android.
    I want the software IGO 2022 Europe, as I read, it costs 10 Dollar and after sending the money I can get the link.
    How can I pay this money to you, can I pay via paypal?
    And one question more: After downloading this software, will I have inside already all european countries? and if yes, do I have to update it every new year?

  8. Hola Will,
    Tengo una radio de coche montada en un VW Passat B6 comprada en Amazon de la marca AWESAFE con iGO Navigation con mapas de mayo del 2021. La unica forma que tengo para actualizar el mapa es a traves de USB. ES posible con tu actualizacion poder actualizarlo de ese modo ?? y, tambien vienen los radares moviles y fijos, los edificios, etc ??

  9. hi
    may i purchase your latest update of euro map including the uk & ireland please. i have a “gps navigator” model x100. i have it a while and was purchased of “TruckNav.co.uk” via ebay. any help will be gratefully received.
    kind regards

  10. Good Evening!!
    I had 2017 igo maps in the car and they have all been deleted. Can I install from scratch? It’s easy? How can I send you the money to send me the maps? What should I do?
    Thank you very much

  11. Good afternoon
    .i have an android after market head unit fitted to my vehicle which has IGo maps 6.0.1 installed ,
    can i update to your 20/21 european maps version? if so how do I pay you?

  12. i want to download the programm from the start to an sd card including the maps and poi for europe-greece 2020 or 2021. Can u send me the link for the programms which includes these and also can u give me the link to send u the money for the programm?

  13. Everything working great on my wince aftermarket navi. The guys provided support for both installing the igo primo software as well as updating to lastest europe maps 2021. Recommend! Thanks!

  14. Hallo,
    habe dir heute die Bearbeitungsgebühr geschickt. Bitte kehren Sie mit dem entsprechenden Link zurück.


  15. Hi,

    Ich habe ein Android Autoradio 10.0 (SWTNVIN, Igo Navigation Version vom May 2016. und möchte die Karten für Europa auf die neuste mögliche Version aktualisieren.

    Bitte teilen Sie mir mit, was ich dafür zu tun habe.
    Vielen Dank.

  16. Hallo Ich möchte Igo Maps 2020 2021 Europa Downloaden ich habe Android wollte meine Karten aktualisieren
    Vielen Dank

  17. Hello

    Some time ago you sent me maps for a WinCE XTRON 2 Din radio but now I have now an Xtron 2 Din device working on Android system and i need an iGo software and maps for western europe with POI and speedcams and so on, the latest version if possible, can you still arrange it?

    Pedro D

  18. Hi there,

    I have an Android car radio 10.0 (SWTNVIN, Igo Navigation Version from March 14, 2017) and would like to upgrade the maps for Europe to the latest possible version.

    Please inform me what I have to do for it.

  19. Hi there – about 18 months ago I purchased a CamperVan and asked for a Sat Nav system to be installed. This was done and I’ve had no issues with the system but it occurred to me that it is overdue updating. There is no make or model on the SatNav but from the internal labelling it is clearly a Chinese product and the SatNav mapping shows as iGO Primo. There is a small SD type card in the top left hand corner and there is a USB socket that is presumably there to enable updates from a flash drive. I am keen to update the product and would need the UK and Europe maps updating. Can you please advise me how I can do this through you?

    1. Hi, I can upload latest 2020 Q4 igo maps for Europe on googledrive and send you a link to download them, also with step by step installation instructions, maps are free, can you send US$10 handling fee to support us?

  20. Hi,
    I’d like to get the latest maps for iGO Android for Europe. Could you please let me know the process to get the download link?

    1. Igo Europe maps are free, there’s just 10 usd handling fee, after you paid the handling fee, we will send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

  21. Hello i’m from spain, my name is Juan and I need Europe maps, thanks you so much, i have igo and i want update my maps but i dont have idea how i can do this , i think that i have to copy and paste the new files in my sd card and replace the files.
    thank you so much

    1. I will send you 2020q4 Europe igo maps, also with step by step installation instructions, maps are free, just 10 usd handling fee.

  22. Hello i would like to update my iGo maps and maybe also the software for the navigation if there is one. I am using iGO719WD_PAL. i s it possible for you to assist me

  23. Hello
    i buy an aftermarket device for my car with android 8.1.0 and when i try to use the navigation app, is asking for igo sd card.
    Can you tell me please what i have to do?

  24. Hallo, I would like to upgrade IGO maps for my car navigation. Ver. new maps 2020? Latest version for Europe. Could you help me? I am using maps 2013 on SDHC card 8GB.I want to pay for my bank account. Do you need next information for identification my navigation system? Thank you for answer.

  25. Hi, I would like to receive new maps of Europe for Igo primo so I can update them. Thank you 🙂

    1. If your navigation unit is an aftermarket one with wince or android system, new igo maps update should work.

  26. I recently updated the software in my aftermarket HU Erisin ES8186V. Unfortunately I lost the paid for IGO software.. If I download it again and install the files I can download here (can understand there is a handling fee of USD 10 which seems reasonable) will the new IGO software works with the maps? .. and where can i put the files.. Seems I cannot get access to the internal memory were IGO is installed.. I only have access to the Root directory (no sign of any IGO software installed there) ..
    Details: Erisin ES8186V / Android 10


    1. New igo maps update works for aftermarket head unit. I sent you an email with more information, please check.

  27. Hi,
    I would like to update my iGO with 2020 maps for Western Europe. Running WinCE with fbl files etc… Would it be possible for you to send me the download link ? Thank you very much.

  28. Hi I have an after market win ce head unit running out of date igo maps can you send me the link and payment details I need the latest European maps. Regards Dave

  29. I have the iGO primo 2018Nav(Europe) on my aftermarket sound system I bought one year ago.I need the latest Europe map to install. Thank you.


  31. For the first time I would like to update my iGO maps with a download of IGO Maps 2020 for Western Europe.
    My car navigation system use Android.

    1. Hi, i can send you a link to download iGO maps 2020 Europe, maps are free, can you send US$10 handling fee to support us?

  32. Good morning from Athens Greece,
    I have a car Navigation with Windows CE system / igo 8, & maps Greece 2011.
    there some update maps for Greece?
    Iam waiting for your reply
    Thank you

  33. Hello
    I did have the new iGO nextgen but had to reset my cars android system and lost it. However I still had a version of iGO Primo that I purchased in 2017 (APK) I have had to install this in my car but the UK maps are 2017. I would like to update the maps and speed camera files to the latest. This time I have installed it onto an SD card. Can you help me in this matter with the new maps. I am quite confident its iGO Primo9?

    I purchased some maps from ebay but they do not work because they are not fbl files. I have done some research and I think that’s what mine takes. Sadly the seller is choosing to ignore me. I don’t want to keep wasting money of stuff that doesn’t work.
    Please advise
    Thank You

    1. Hi, I checked emails from you and found we have already helped you, and you have already installed new igo UK maps successfully.

  34. Hello. I bought a Radio Unit for the Ford Smax car (2008), and I need to download, install IGO Maps Europe, by 2019. I am not a good professional computer expert, but I need this service, as an SD Micro 8Gb TF europea Maps is required, the company that sold it to me, wants the system to be WINCE UNIT, and have to adjust the path on this unit to the maps.

    The Path of my radio navigation is: MC \ IGO \ PRIMO.EXE
    but I do not know how to connect it … how to download it to SD micro card 8GB ,,,
    Please tell me the detailed route, I will gladly thank you.

  35. Hi Will,
    lately, but never too late…..
    I want to thank you for the Update I-go8, we drove well from Hamburg/Germany to near Lissabon/Portugal with our
    little Smart- mostly with good support by the I-go8
    Thanks for that and keep healthy

    Greetings from Germany/Hamburg

  36. I would like to receive a download link for the latest IGO Europe maps 2020 (Android) and instructions on how to pay for your handling fee.

  37. Hello,
    I’d like to download the latetst IGO maps of Europe, Germany 2020
    How can I pay your fee to get acces?

    1. Hi, you can pay by paypal, bank transfer or western union.
      For payment by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and click “send money” to send 10usd to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com

      After you paid please send me the sender’s name, so i can check and send you the link to download with step by step installation instructions.

  38. I’m after European maps for IGO Myway system on a media system built into my car. I have the SD card in my laptop and just need the files. Let me know how to pay.

  39. Bitte senden sie mir link zum download IGO GPS Karte .
    Ich wurde das 10 US zahlen. Senden sie mir kontakt datei

  40. Good Afternoon,
    I wish to update my maps for the United Kingdom, please advise
    It’s a 2018 android car stereo
    My SD card has the required folders
    I think the original maps were from 2015
    kind regards

    1. Hi, I can upload 2020 igo maps for the United Kingdom on googledrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

  41. Hello. I would like to download latest maps for Europe. Please could you contact me on my email with details for the process.

    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      I need quickly the link for the download of the last update of the IGO maps.
      Please send me a response asap.

  42. Hi there i wish to update my car gps maps
    What i have to do?do you help me how to update it in my car gps?
    Is not original my car gps is a aftermarket android gps radio with igo primo europe but is outdated the maps are from year 2017 and i will need the new maps as soon as possible because i will travel to france and need to update my car gps.do you accept paypal payment?
    Waiting for your answer as soon as possible.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi, I can help you to update your 2017 igo europe maps to latest 2020 version. I sent you an email, please check.

  43. Hello

    I have a Din 2 Xtron system working on wince and i have Igo 8 Primo with western europe maps but i believe maps are dated 2016. The .fbl and .hnr files are dated August 2015.

    Is there a new and actual file ? If so i’m interested, the system uses a MicroSD memory card.

    Pedro D

      1. Hello

        Some time ago you sent me maps for a WinCE XTRON 2 Din radio but now I have now an Xtron 2 Din device working on Android system and i need an iGo software and maps for western europe with POI and traffic radars ando so on, the latest version if possible, can you still arrange it?

        Pedro D

  44. Hello,
    I’d like to download the latetst IGO maps of Europe, HERE 2019.q4.
    How can I pay your fee to get acces?

    1. Those maps I need for original navigation in my car Nissan Qashqai, will it work? Maps are on SD card.

      1. For original navigation in your car, you need to update from original source. Igo maps update is special for aftermarket navigation unit.

  45. I would like to download the IGO Europe Maps 2020. Would be so nice and give further instructions for Paying the 10 USD and download. Thank you.

  46. I would like download IGO Europe Maps 2020 IGO Primo for Android System.

    I here from you how to get it and how can I paid for it.

  47. Hi!

    I have a very old GPS device with Igo and 2016 Q3 maps. I’m not sure the device can run the IGO Primo.
    I’ve got some details about the device:
    RomVersion: 82F.YFBARI.1720.1FM2584A
    Software version: V3.6.E018.12.3
    OEM Info: YFAtlas4
    WIN CE version: 6.0
    Processor Type: SiRF ARM1136JF-S-A
    Memory: 56812Kb RAM

    I think with this information you can tell me, can you help me or not.
    I would need the latest Europe maps.


  48. I have an A-SURE FF3S head unit with wince iG0 8 software (2008) never updated
    Can you provide a solution to update to 2020 maps etc Uk and Western Europe.
    Thank You

    1. Your old 2008 igo maps with Wince software can be updated with new 2020 version of igo Europe maps. I sent you an email, please check.

  49. I have a 7 inch MP5 (Chinese Manufacturer) device. I want the navigation software(igoEurope 2020) for Europe 2020 (there is an 8 GB GPS SD card entrance for the mapping system

  50. Alles super gelaufen,habe lange nach so einen Update gesucht.Schneller Versand und Prima Kontakt.Danke

  51. Ready to pay for the handling fee.

    After the UK and france maps please for my NAVPal device. It is running version 9.6.13, will these new maps work?

  52. I’m interested in getting an igo map system for my aftermarket head unit. I would need the wince system with UK maps (I see 2020 versions on your website). Can you supply the details of how I make the £10 fee and access the software etc.
    Thanks in advance

  53. I would like to install the latest Europe maps on my after market in car GPS unit.
    IGO Europe Maps 2020 Download IGO Primo Update Windows CE and Android System

  54. I would like to order the iGO Europe Map 2020. I have a aftermarket car navigation head unit with Android 8.0
    Kindly Regards.
    Mr. H. Verplaats

    1. Latest 2019q4 Europe igo maps updated in 2020 are free, just one time USD10 handling fee. I sent you an email, please check.

  55. Hello,
    I have a gps car navigation system with IGO 8.0 running on WinCE,
    how can i update the software and the maps of Geece

  56. I have aftermarket navigation in my BMW with old 2015 igo europe maps installed, now i need igo here maps europe 2020 update, does it work? If yes, is it easy for me to update?

    1. Hello, if your navigation is aftermarket one with old igo maps, you can update your igo maps with igo here Europe 2020 update. It’s easy to do the update, we will send you step by step installation instructions. Besides, if you have any questions while updating, you can also contact us, we will do the best to help you.

  57. If I send you 10$ via paypal will you send me 2019q4 version igo maps for Europe ? What is the paypal account ?

    1. Yes, we will send you latest 2019q4 igo maps for Europe after you paid $10 handling fee, our paypal account is support@mygpsmaps.com
      After you paid please send us the sender’s name, so we can check and send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

  58. Hallo
    Ich Brauche IGO Europe Maps 2020 für android
    Habe frage ist ihre Maps komplett und aktiviert ? Kann ich die nutzen ohne weitere kosten?
    Kann ich mit PayPal zahlen?

    1. Hello, 2020 Europe igo maps here are special for aftermarket navigation unit, it works for android system as well. Just 10USD handling fee, no extra cost, you can pay by paypal. And all maps on mygpsmapscom are free.

  59. Hello,

    I would like to have the latetst IGO maps of Europe.
    How can I pay your fee to get acces?


    1. Hello Jay, I can send you 2019q4 version igo maps for Europe, it’s updated in 2020. Maps are free, can you pay US$10 handling fee?
      You can pay by paypal, bank transfer or western union. For payment by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and click “send money” to send 10usd to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com

      After you paid please send me the sender’s name, so i can check and send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

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