IGO Maps Australia New Zealand Free Download Latest 2018 2019 Maps Update

IGO Australia & New Zealand Maps 2019 Update is available now, if you have igo Australia/New Zealand 2018, 2017 or older version maps, it’s time to update it with the latest 2019 version.

IGO Maps Australia 2018 download

The maps files include both Australia and New Zealand 2019 igo maps, maps are free to download, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fees, i will upload all files online and share you a link to download. The map files include 5 folders: building, map, phoneme, poi, speedcam.

IGO Maps Australia New Zealand 2020 Latest Upgrade:

Latest Australia and New Zealand igo maps have been upgraded to 2019 Q4 version, it’s available for downloading free now. You can check 2019 igo maps for Australia and New Zealand as below:


  • Australia_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.3dc
  • Australia_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.3dl
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.3dc
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.3dl


  • Australia_HERE_Easy_2019.Q4_191111.hnr
  • Australia_HERE_Fast_2019.Q4_191111.hnr
  • Australia_HERE_Short_2019.Q4_191111.hnr
  • Australia_R3_HERE_2019.Q4_191105.fbl
  • Australia_R3_HERE_2019.Q4_191105.fsp
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Easy_2019.Q4_191111.hnr
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Fast_2019.Q4_191111.hnr
  • New_Zealand_HERE_Short_2019.Q4_191111.hnr
  • New_Zealand_R3_HERE_2019.Q4_191105.fbl
  • New_Zealand_R3_HERE_2019.Q4_191105.fsp


  • Australia_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.ph
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.ph


  • Australia_HERE_4wd_2019.Q4_191111.poi
  • Australia_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.poi
  • Australia_HERE_Extended_2019.Q4_191111.poi
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2019.Q4_191111.poi


  • Australia_HERE_2019.Q4_191125.spc
  • New_Zealand_HERE_2019.Q4_191125.spc


2019 igo maps Australia download


igo maps australia free download

Where to download free igo Australia/New Zealand maps?

New 2019 Q4 Australia and New Zealand IGO HERE maps will be uploaded on onedrive or dropbox, there’s a link which will be sent to you, you can click it and download it directly and fast.

Only 10USD handling fee, no extra fees.
Payment method: paypal, bank transfer or western union.
Contact: support@mygpsmaps.com

Please note all my maps update are for aftermarket GPS unit not for original or factory ones. If you want to update old igo maps from your original/factory GPS unit, i can not guarantee if new maps update works for your unit or not, as there may be a limit for such a original/factory GPS unit to update maps, i can just say you can have a try.

We also have Sygic maps for Australia and New Zealand for Android aftermarket car navigation, if you need Sygic maps, contact us to learn more. I can not say which is better, some like igo maps, others like Sygic maps, it’s just up to your choice.

How to update the old maps to new ones? Simply replacing the old map files with new ones. If you don’t know how to install or update new maps, i’ll be glad to assist you. Igo software for Windows CE system and Android system are also available.

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 22 reviews
by Neil Bull on My GPS Maps
Beats $250 for WhereIs

Have a Toyota Landcruiser Sahara with the genuine WhereIs GPS factory unit in it well aren’t they a piece of rubbish. Opted for a non genuine unit with WinCE 6.0 unfortunately they lied to me and told me it was licensed, not true so couldn’t update it from
2012 version UNTIL I found out about MYGPSMAPS.COM paid a very cheap price for the download link for 2019 Australian maps had it downloaded and installed in under 15 minutes
WORKS A TREAT WELL DONE, Will was easy to deal with ☝️

by Rob on My GPS Maps
NZ Maps update

Just want to thank William for his excellent service, gave great information and help with downloading and installing the updates for my New Zealand iGo GPS maps when I was unsure what to do he came back immediately with the answer, is now working perfectly thanks again. Regards R.

by Dave on My GPS Maps
igo 2019q4 maps Australia

It was all too easy, no hassles at all. Updated maps work perfectly on my win-ce device. 100% would recommend and use again.

by Marc on My GPS Maps
2 Big thumbs up

Fast simple and worked perfectly could not be happier.

by E Jenkins on My GPS Maps
iGo maps

Could not be (much) simpler. Excellent advice & help via email, very prompt and efficient & (most important) very effective. The new iGo software & maps work perfectly. I am very pleased and impressed.

by Darshana on My GPS Maps
Primo2 IGO map Update

Maps provided by Will is working properly in my GPS navigation (Primo2). Thanks for the great communication and service. And looking forward for the next update.

by Adrian on My GPS Maps
iGO Australia map update

Works great, easy to load.

by Terry on My GPS Maps
Quick and easy

Installed latest Australian maps on my new Android car radio, GPS the download was simple and the installation went well. The instructions were precise and easy to follow.
Will use again when I need to update my maps again
Thanks ? William

by Malcolm on My GPS Maps
New Zealand Map - Perfect

Prompt customer service, followed the instructions and voila, NZ map on aftermarket head unit now works. Thanks!

by Graeme on My GPS Maps
Australia and New Zealand Maps

Great customer service, installed on GPS following Williams instructions, works perfectly fine with no issues. Thanks so easy.

by ahmed on My GPS Maps
best customer service ever

thank you, William, for you patient you have done a great work I really appreciate your time and step by step learning method my sat-nav work like a dream you are the best mate thank you.

by Sam on My GPS Maps
Good job

Very good australian map works perfectly. Thanks

by Trevor Cooper on My GPS Maps
Can't Locate Sattelites

Great information.....fixed my months long problem in a heartbeat.......thanks!

by Bruce on My GPS Maps
IGO Australian Map files

Just updated 2015 Maps with latest 2019 Maps and associated files.. Easy download and install process with good instructions if needed. Simple, trouble free with excellent communication. Great service thank you William.

by Rob on My GPS Maps
New Maps

I downloaded new maps and had some problems but William S helped me very fast and had everything working again.
Highly recommended
AAA+++ service

Thank you

by Scott Draper on My GPS Maps
iGO9 Primo maps Australia wince

Very helpful, up to date maps for iGO wince Australia & NZ worked great. Simple install instructions and very quick response. Thanks Will.

by Darren on My GPS Maps

I've been looking everywhere on how to update maps on Android headunit using Naviextras. Tried all sorts to get that working and just couldn't, UNTIL I FOUND THIS SITE! Thank you William for your quick response and easy installation instructions. All worked perfectly well and I now have updated NZ maps in the car. You're a star!

by Firaz on My GPS Maps

Easy and fast transaction. Paid via PayPal, received the link, downloaded the file and uploaded the content as per instruction. I now have the 2019 Q4 maps update in my car. Thanks William

by John on My GPS Maps
IGO maps for Australia/New Zealand

Could not be easier. Wish I had this link previously. Thanks so much William.

by Geoffrey Humphreys on My GPS Maps
Great Site

I purchased a new 9" gps on Ebay, only Euro maps installed, seller wouldn't supply Australian & New Zealand maps, i looked everywhere & finally found THIS Great Site, I wasn't sure it was legit, but I thought "bugger it" I'll give it a go. I emailed in my request & received a reply very quickly with instructions on how to & where to send my $10 US, I used PayPal. As I did this at night I decided to leave it & check in the morning. The link was there the next day, download was trouble free, I followed the install instructions, ALL WENT WELL, perfect upgrade to 07/2019 maps. Tell all your Mates. Geoff

by steve on My GPS Maps
2019 map for perth wa

i needed maps update on my primo deck for the car and this site was quick and easy as got all new 2019 map for perth wa and im rapped it was sooo easy to install cos they give you all the info on how to install them to easy love them thanks heaps https://www.mygpsmaps.com ill be back again ps tooo easy

by Andy on My GPS Maps
igo Australia maps 2019

I had an issue for updating latest 2019 igo Australia maps but all sorted now, many thanks for your help. You've been a star. When I need it updating again will mail you.
Many thanks

36 thoughts on “IGO Maps Australia New Zealand Free Download Latest 2018 2019 Maps Update

  1. I am interested in buying the Australia and New Zealand latest map contents package. Could you please guide me through the process?

    1. Australia and New Zealand latest map contents package are free, just 10USD handling fee, i will send you step by step installation guide as well.

  2. Hi, Just wondering if i can purchase the updates for IGO maps for Australia please. I have an old unit dated 2009 Nav Go igo 8 version that runs on windows Embedded CE 6.0. If you are able to provide the map updates please let me know. Thank you kind regards Pat

    1. Hi, I can send you latest 2019q4 igo maps update for Australia, also with step by step update instructions, maps are free, just $10 handling fee.

  3. Hey there
    I have an Eclipse AVN827GA will the maps that you have work in this model. I am after the latest maps and POI etc available
    If the maps will work on my unit what is the handling fee and process for updating?

    1. If your gps unit is aftermarket one with old igo maps installed, new maps update should work with your unit.

      I can upload 2019q4 igo maps for Australia on googledrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee.

  4. Hi do you have the latest maps for Aust & New Zealand for Nav N Go IGO 8 . It is Nov 3 2009 at the moment and want to update to 2019 or 20. If you have the maps to suit please email me back and let me know the handling fee. John.

  5. Hi,
    I’m interested in the product, please send me an e-mail, I want to ask a couple of questions.

  6. Hello,
    I am in need of the Australian GPS data base for my aftermarket car radio/Nav head unit. It is brand new unit which takes a micro SD card for the data base and I’m in need of some help. How can I get the required software?
    Thank you for your time,

    1. Hello, i can send you latest Australia igo maps, i will also help you to install it with step by step instructions, maps are free, can you pay US$10 handling fee?

  7. William, he is the best very helpful man using step by step method and so patient , my nav working like dream thanks mygpsmaps highly recommended in Australia .

    1. I can upload latest 2019 igo maps for Australia on onedrive and send you a link to download it, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

  8. My version of igo maps is 2015 and continually gets the wrong path. My google maps is free and much better.
    I do have 2012 on my SD card but wanting to get the free download of 2018 or 2019.
    I can not find the download button.

    1. Hi, i can upload latest 2019 igo maps for Australia or New Zealand online and send you a link to download it, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

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