Igo Maps for Android Head Unit Car GPS

Car GPS is just a basic function which all aftermarket Android head unit should have. Did you install an aftermarket Android head unit in your car before? But your car GPS does not have igo maps installed or you want to update your old igo maps? You will need to download igo apk file for Android car GPS. In this post, you can find some important information about igo maps for Android head unit car GPS.

igo maps for android head unit

  1. Can i install igo maps for my Android head unit?

    If you have an aftermarket Android head unit purchased in recent years, you can install igo maps for your Android GPS unit. Especially for those Android head units coming from China, and you can easily update your old igo maps with new ones. However, if your car GPS unit is the original one, it may not be able to install a igo maps update, as there may be a limit to update your igo maps, maybe you can only update your old igo maps from your dealer or directly from igo.

    Generally speaking, most aftermarket Android car GPS head unit can install and update igo maps easily.

    igo maps for car gps

  2. How to install and update igo maps for Android head unit car GPS?

    If you don’t know how to install or update igo maps for Android head unit car GPS, you can check this post: How To Install And Update IGO Maps On Car Navigation?

    Installation and update of igo maps can be done directly from navigation sd card if your car GPS has wince system, for wince system car GPS you need to set navigation path in settings of your unit.

    If your car GPS is with Android system, you need to install igo app with igo software. Please note some new igo software like igo world can only be installed in the internal storage of your car GPS.

    For some countries in Europe and North America, igo maps 2020 are available now. If you want to install or update igo maps for your country, you can contact Mygpsmaps.com, we will provide you a fast downloading link and offer you excellent service for igo install and update for just $10 handling fee.

    igo android maps

  3. Can you send me igo software for Android head unit?

    We have igo world software for Android head unit aftermarket car GPS available, it’s updated in 2018. If you need, we can send this igo Android software to you, and also we will tell you how to install it in your Android head unit step by step.

  4. Can i install other Android maps?

    Except igo, you can also install other Android maps for your aftermarket Android car GPS head unit like Sygic maps. You can also install Google maps, Waze navigation as well. But your Android car GPS need to connect internet firstly in order to use Google maps. Nearly all aftermarket Android head units have WiFi function built-in, so you can connect your phone’s hotspot through WiFi to access internet with your car GPS.

Should you have any questions about igo maps for your Android head unit car GPS, feel free to contact us via email: support@mygpsmaps.com, or leave a comment below. Mygpsmaps is a professional platform to provide you igo maps install and update for aftermarket Android or Windows CE system head units.

23 thoughts on “Igo Maps for Android Head Unit Car GPS

  1. Hello kind support,
    Will you please help? send me IGO world apk and Canada/USA map since my car android head unit not working any more? Thanks a million in advance.

  2. Hi,

    Can you pls send me the IGO Primo for android head unit? I have tried to get i touch with the Company that I bougjt it from, but then do not reply me. I had to do a factory reset og my unit, and now I am missing IGO Primo. I live in Norway

  3. I would love to get IGO North America maps for my Aftermarket android car stereo.
    Please could you give me more information about it?

  4. Hi I meed the latest IGO map of South East Asia Map i.e. Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

    Please send me the map for download in to SD card for my Car Android Head unit. I will send the USD10 upon receipt of the map.

    Thank you.

  5. For my car navigation using Android 4.2.2 I want to update the IGO maps for Pakistan. How can you help me.

  6. Hi,

    I have an android head set in my car with iGo navigation. The Android version is 4.4.2.

    I would like to update the Europe maps to the latest version which will need to be saved to a micro SIM card.

    Can you help me?

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