Igo Maps Update Step: How To Extract Content.rar or Igo.rar?

While installing a new igo maps update, you may need to extract content.rar or igo.rar files, some people still don’t know how to extract or unzip it, though it’s just a basic knowledge for using a computer. So this post is focusing on how to extract a compressed file with rar or zip format.

After you downloaded new maps, it usually comes with a compressed file with rar suffix. This is compressed file which is easy and fast for you to download it. Firstly you need to make sure your windows computer has already installed WinRAR software, this software is free for personal use.

How to check if my computer installed WinRAR software?

That is easy to check. You can use your mouse to right-click a compressed file, content.rar or igo.rar, or any other files with rar or zip suffix, and see if there’s an option to extract this file. This is a picture for your reference:

extract igo update maps

If your computer has this option(解压到content\(E), in English it means Extract to content\(E)), congratulations, you don’t need to do anything else. While if your computer does not have this extract option, you need to install WinRAR software firstly. Below picture shows you there’s not any extract option from a right-click on iGo_World.rar file.


no extract options

So you need to download and install WinRAR software in your computer.

Where to download WinRAR software? 

Some people download and install WinRAR softare from it’s official website, but it’s just free for 40 days trial.

If you need, I can provide free version WinRAR software for you to use. You can download free version of WinRAR software for Windows computer 64bt via this link. After you downloaded it, you can get a file named winrar-x64-580scp.exe, double click it, so you can start installation process.

Except winrar software, you can also use 7-zip to extract rar/zip files, it’s free to use.

How to extract new igo maps file content.rar?

After you installed WinRAR software in your computer, you can right-click the new igo maps file content.rar, so you can see the option to extract content.rar. Please remember to right-click content.rar, not left-click, not open it.

If there’s an error while extracting, saying the archive is either in unknown format or damaged, that means you did not download content.rar completely. Your network may not be stable, delete the Incomplete content file, then you need to download it again via the link which has sent to your email. Make sure it’s 100% downloaded, then you can try to extract it again, make sure there’s not any error while extracting. Then you can follow the steps we provided to you to update your igo maps.

If still have a question, you can leave a comment below, or contact us via email: support@mygpsmaps.com.

3 thoughts on “Igo Maps Update Step: How To Extract Content.rar or Igo.rar?

  1. hi , I want to update my igo pro sat nav , I followed your suggested link to download ‘winrar’ and it downloaded , but it is in an Asian language and I can’t work out how to change it to English .
    also , does the latest Ireland maps have the new Irish EIRCODES / Postcodes ??
    any help would be greatly appreciated ,
    many thanks ,
    mike .

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