IGO North America Maps Free Download USA/Canada/Mexico

Latest igo maps 2022 North America maps free download is 2022 Q2 version which was updated in 2022 now(post updated on 2023/1/23 ).

The igo North America maps 2022 are available for United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Got an after-market Android or Wince system car GPS navigation head unit with igo primo maps installed for years? So you will need to update your igo maps to the latest version. Here you can download and update your igo North America maps 2022.

igo North America maps

All our maps update are free, you just need to send a handling fee of USD10, we will upload new igo maps for North America including USA and Canada on Googledrive, and share you a link to download them fast and easily. Besides, installation instructions are included, we will teach you step by step on how to install it. And downloading speed is fast without any ads on downloading page.

The latest 2022 igo North America maps were updated with 2022 Q2 version now.

The igo maps USA download 2022 can be used for both Android head unit or wince ce system navigation. If you already have igo maps installed, whether in a SD card or the internal storage of the unit, you can replace the old igo maps files with the new maps data files.

How to install 2022 igo North America maps?

  • Firstly you can check in the map sd card or internal memory of your navigation unit, find out the igo > content folder, so you can see the current map files, in content folder there should be many folders including
    building, map, poi, speedcam, these are important map files which need to be updated.
  • Secondly, delete all files under these folders: building, map, poi, speedcam
  • Then you can copy new ones into the same folder
  • That’s all.

If you also need igo navigation install for android system, you can check this video.

As you can see, it’s very simple to update maps, if you still have a question, you can contact me, i would be glad to assist you.

How to download igo North America Maps 2022?

  1. New update maps for USA and Canada will be uploaded on GoogleDrive.
  2. Maps update is free, you just need to pay handling fee of US$10, payment methods available: paypal, bank transfer or western union or wechat.
  3. After you paid, you can contact me, i will send you a link to download it within 24 hours. I will also send you step by step instructions to teach you how to update.

igo maps USA Canada download free


The igo maps can only be used for aftermarket windows CE system or Android system gps navigation, it can not be used for original navigation system in the car, if your current navigation maps from your aftermarket gps are igo, you can update it.

If you want a new SD card to copy the new igo maps, the total is US$25 including shipping cost and a 16GB SD card.

IGO maps are offline maps, it’s free to use, once you got it installed, after the navigation system gets GPS signal outside, you are ready to navigate.


Email: support@mygpsmaps.com

Interested in Sygic maps for USA and Canada? You can check it here.

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My GPS Maps
Average rating:  
 25 reviews
 by Darryl Sigur
Purchase and Install

The purchase of this software is just what was needed to update my new Linkswell Gen IV radio system. The installation was painless with outstanding results. I highly recommend this improvement! Thank you so much!!!

 by G. Reid

A very good service, and a little bit of PC handle....that all!

 by Sheree

We've had our GPS for some time so desperately needed updates before going to USA. Took a couple of attempts before we got the maps to download and open (needed some
RAR software) but Will was fabulous with his patience and prompt replies. We will be updating all our maps in the future. Highly recommended! Thanks Will!

 by Erich

The update of my igo maps was simple, all needed infos were step-by-step, the support was fast and successful. Thank you very much.

 by Matthew
Extremely Helpful!

Will responded as soon as possible when I reached out to him for updated maps for the Igo Primo software. He explained the process of how it needed to be done and it was very simple. I will definitely be back when there are new updates that are released.

 by Andrew

Will responded to me very quickly to get me the maps. Great support! 5 Star review! Map works excellent Recommend
Thank you

 by Thomas

My SD card corrupted and I lost everything. Will was super quick to respond. Got me exactly what I needed and included simple step-by-step instructions. My unit is working flawlessly! THANK YOU!!!!

 by Zack G

Will responded to me very quickly to get me the maps I needed for my new device that didn't come with the maps I needed. Thanks so much for the help and I will definitely be letting other people know about this site.
Thanks so much!

 by Patrick

Long overdue review. Will is awesome! Excellent Map!!! Great support! Responds right away. Done in less than 24hours from inquiry to map install. Will definitely get another one if there will be an update coming out.

Thank you!!

 by Carlos Rodríguez
Excellent support

Excellent service. Immediate support Even though it was a non-working day, communication was continuous and the results were favorable. Thanks a lot. Excellent. 5 stars service.

 by Vinny

I've never met someone so eager to help and dedicated like William
My maps work great!

 by Kawing Auyeung
good seller

The seller is a very enthusiastic person and helped me solve the installation problem.

 by hung au
igo maps update

update maps working great on igo app for car system android 4.4.4 kitkat . you are genius . thank you very much

 by Jimmy Harris
My gps

Easy to install thanks again William

 by Arsalaan
Canadian maps

Needed new maps and he helped out a lot with the problems I had and now my gps works perfect, thanks!

 by Kyle
igo maps USA

The updated igo USA maps were successfully downloaded and installed. Works a treat. Awesome Update from what I can see so far!

 by Peter G
Highest Ratings

Special thanks to William S. . His service was excellent. Strongly recommend him as he is professional and knowledgeable.
Worked with me throughout the whole process of getting my IGO to work.

 by Randy
Quick, Simple, Cheap

Title says it all.. 10 bux?? Really great way to stay current. However just be sure you have the latest winrar, winzip, 7zip, etc as I kept re-downloading thinking there was corruption when there wasn't. Once I upgraded to the latest 7Zip, I was able to extract the archive.

 by Steve
Exactly What They Say They'll D!

Sent my payment through Paypal... I received the Map Update immediately after my payment was received. But! My Old Map file was corrupt that had the software on it. I e-mailed and right away received the Software download link as well. I had my Map intalled on my after Market Pyle-PVMULTI07 Aftermarket head unit for my 2009 VW Passat! Worked amazingly. He even sent instructions on how to change the language from Chinese.. And said If I had any further issues he was on stand by to help! Yes folks, It's legit, Their legit and worthy of this 5 Star review! Map works excellent and Radio plays while Map is going. I Reccomend MyGPSmaps.com!

 by Jimmie Hannaman

I misunderstood the directions, my own fault, I should have read them more carefully, but Will walked me through the process and I am extremely pleased with the result. I highly recommend these maps and Will S.

 by Randy Hampton
Best Experience Ever!

I purchased a Prius as a commuter car and noticed that the navigation had not been updated for several years. I stumbled upon this site and contacted for a navigation update. William made the entire process simple and even went the extra mile to help me troubleshoot my nav system after I ran into some system errors. He replied to every email promptly and helped me more than any other customer service system I have ever contacted. I recommend this service to everyone!

 by Vince
IGO USA maps 2019

I successfully updated the old IGO USA maps to latest 2019 to my sd card, thanks William.

 by Danny Q.
IGO software & Maps

Let me tell , this is not Scam and this is real , I just ask question before I buy , and he reply back in minutes with very professional manner , so I order from him after that , and he send you all the file that you need and help you all the way to make sure your device work properly , he is very professional , and it worth the money , thank you ..

 by Brandon
Mind blown!!!?

I thought it’s a scam but took a gamble and my head unit only had Europe and France maps, I ordered it messages back within minutes for help and work amazing! I told him he is amazing. Thanks so much maps work great.

 by bruce
north america 2019 igo

Just clicked one link, i've successfully downloaded and updated 2019 igo maps for north america. Update guide is helpful, i also asked many questions and william responded quickly. Highly recommend!

I'm William, a technician working for a car navigation infotainment system company over 10 years. I'm quite familiar with aftermarket car navigation system and igo maps update, which can be easily downloaded and updated by following my steps one by one. I already helped lots of people updated their igo navigation successfully. You can check reviews on trustpilot, or check my YouTube videos and subscribe if you wish.

81 thoughts on “IGO North America Maps Free Download USA/Canada/Mexico

  1. I recently bought a Chinese android radio with iGo maps installed and does not have maps for the United States and obviously I need that because I live in Pennsylvania. It has CarPlay but I like the option in case I’m somewhere with no cell reception. Do you think you can help me? I’m not sure if I can just update it with that map, use another app, get another radio, hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

    1. Yes, i can help. You can just install igo maps for United States and keep using the current igo software.

  2. I have sent you an email as I would like the updated Igo maps for my Jensen VX7024. This would be for North America.

  3. i have a jensen vx7014 i bought it and has no sd card on it , i will need the software and the maps, can you help me on this.

  4. I have an android 10 multimedia car player with iGO primo preinstalled on it. I would like to update the USA & Canada map to the 2022 verison.

    Please advise me on how to proceed?

  5. Android version
    Igo Primo
    want do download 2021 Q4 Canada/North America maps
    Let me now where to send the money

  6. Hi William. I have a Android 11 Head unit. I downloaded the Android file installation file. I would like to send you $10 and get the newest USA maps along with instructions to add the maps to the android installation. Let me know where to send the paypal money. Thank you

  7. Looking for the (2022) newest North America Map for iGo Maps ; Will be used with an Alpine INE-Z928HD car headunit

  8. Hi Will,
    I have instaled iGo nexgen Basarsoft9.18.27.689739 on my android 9 tablet. The folder content is on external card.
    I want to update my old map 2019.q2 usa-canada
    What is the letest version do you have ?


  9. Hi I would like to get the North America latest map files. I have WinCe. I can send you $10 by papal. Also will the files for announcing the street names be included in the files, TTS voice files? Let me know if these are available.

    1. We just provide igo maps update, not igo software update, you can keep using your current igo software which supports TTS voice.

  10. I want to get latest package of IGo Maps for Android Head Unit. Do you have all those? or you are sending only MAPS?
    I have the maps(2018) working but no POI and other Files related to North America.

    Thank you

  11. Hi William,
    My name is Romeo. I ordered Android Head Unit from China and it arrived with European Maps pre installed.
    They sent me link to download North America map and it work except no POI or Building files associated with it. If I will order from you updated map does it come with those missing files?

  12. Hi, how can I get USA and Canada latest version of IGO maps preloaded on SD card for my aftermarket head unit.
    I reset my unit and I lost the IGO navigation software & the map. I can’t recover it. please advise. thank you

    1. I can send you igo maps for North America and igo software for your aftermarket unit, maps are free, just 10 usd handling fee.

  13. Hello
    I would like to update my maps on my android head unit. It came with iGo Nextgen Israel version I would like the North America maps (USA and Canada). Also, can you explain to me why there are so many versions of iGo that appear to all be slightly different? There is iGo, iGo Nextgen, iGo Nextgen Israel, iGo Primo Nextgen, etc. It’s all very confusing. I’m also wondering if I have the latest and best version of the app. Any help would be appreciated.


    1. You can just update your igo maps and keep the working igo software. Though there are many versions of igo software, they are more or less the same.

  14. I have a iGo Primo WINCE GPS. It only has SouthAmerica maps, but I need NorthAmerica (USA) map.
    Does it work only copying the files you have?

  15. Hi my name is Anthony and i found your email while searching the web for map updates. Recently i bought a DVD/GPS System for my 2013 Hyundai Elentra and it came with IGO Primo for the Navi but the maps for Canada and other files related to the country are outdated(2012) so im looking to get the Navi files for canada(2019/2020) and any of the other files needed. If your able to help me that would be great! hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Igo maps update is free, there’s just 10 USD handling fee. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer or western union. For payment by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and click “send money” to send 10usd to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com

      After you paid please send me the sender’s name, so i can check and send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

  16. I am in need of the Igo android aftermarket car version of 2020 maps for world/USA. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance.

    1. I can send you 2019q4 igo maps for USA and Canada, maps are free, can you pay US$10 handling fee to support us?

  17. Some questions..
    1) Are the maps complete stand alones or are they updates which demand a previous map?
    2) I have a built in Europe map. Can I store that on my computer for later retrieval while I install a US/Canada map?
    3) Is it better to have maps on a TF card or on the built in memory?

    1. Just maps update, and keep using your current igo software. You can store your old maps in your computer, then replace and update old maps to the new US/Canada maps, if your unit is with Wince system and with old maps in a TF card, new maps can also be in your TF card. If your unit is android system with maps in internal storage, new maps should be in internal storage as well.

  18. What is the latest North American map I can download for my aftermarket head unit, iGO My Way Primo? How big does the SD card have to be? I currently have my navigation on a 4GB card. Will this work? Last, where can I send the $10 payment and how fast do I get my link? Thank you.

    1. You can check the latest version on this page. It’s a large file, i suggest you use a 8GB SD card. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer or western union.
      For payment by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and click “send money” to send 10usd to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com

      After you paid please send me the sender’s name, so i can check and send you the link and step by step installation instructions.

  19. Special thanks to William S. . His service was excellent. Strongly recommend him as he is professional and knowledgeable.
    Worked with me throughout the whole process of getting my IGO to work. If you are looking for updates, this is the guy.
    I’m impressed!

  20. I have the android 9.0 in my vehicle & I have the iGO installed but only the 7 day trial, now it has expired and there is no map (North America) how can I get the map permanently?

    1. Hi, i can send you igo software for Android aftermarket navigation unit and 2019 igo maps for USA and Canada, software and maps are both free, just US$10 handling fee.

  21. Hi! I just sent Payment From My Paypal under the info below.
    Steve The Auto

    This is for the Aftermarket [Pyle-PVWMULTI07] Head Unit. It Has Win-CE 6.0
    My Current SD Card is Corrupt so looking to just install this to a new SD Card! Love the Website and service provided!

    1. Hi, thanks very much. You paid by check through paypal, it’s still pending and may take several days to receive your payment, once received i will send you the link to download 2019 igo USA and Canada maps.

  22. I bought online from China.It stops working because of old maps.Need to update 2020 Maps for Canada and North America.It says on screen iGO Primo and win CE system.
    I got following information,when I connected this GPS with my computer.
    Current System time: “2003-01-01 04:00:30”
    Build version:
    Build configuration: Product–ARCHFAM
    OS version: 5.0
    FreeMemory: 127 MB, 800 KB, 0 B-TotalUseableMemory: 129 mb-MaxMemory: 129 MB, 0 KB, 0 B
    WinCE CallStack snapshot (function names unknown – map file \SDMMC\Primo\primo.map not found):

    Kindly send me latest Firmware along with Installed/instruction to install Firmware. Links to download and also send me installer to install this 2020 firmware of Canada and North America. I am senior citizen and does not know much about computer use.Need instructions.
    Mike, Toronto,Canada

    1. Currently the latest igo maps for USA and Canada is 2019 version. I can upload 2019 igo USA and Canada maps on onedrive and send you a link to download them, and step by step instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 handling fee.

  23. My Navigation unit is an in dash OEM unit in my 2015 Subaru Outback. It shows a IGO MY Way Primo logo.
    and has NAV SW Sep 23 2014.
    The Maps are on a Micro SD card and are of the .FDA and .
    FBL file type. Will your USA North American maps work with my system?

    1. It should work, if 2019 USA igo maps update does not work with your current igo software, i can also send you my igo software which works well.

  24. Hello I have a android 8.1 headunit withi iGO 687WD_IL version on the app I want to know this is the late version/? if is not do you have the new version? to send me, if is this the last version iGO 687WD_IL how do I get the maps 2019 update for usa and canada for this version, Let me know how much it will be? thx I have a PayPal account.

    1. You just need to update your igo maps with 2019 USA and Canada maps. If you need, i can upload USA and Canada 2019 igo maps on onedrive and send you a link to download them, i will also tell you how to update, maps are free, can you pay 10usd handling fee?

  25. i have a car unit which runs on igo maps it has a sd card in it and i need to up date the maps. The maps that is on it is in flb file format so do you think that your maps will work on my car unit.

    1. New North America igo maps also have fbl file, it should work with your igo software, if not work, i can also send you another igo software.

  26. I installed car head unit, it come with igo software but no US/Canada map. The unit is running Android 9.1 GPS Navigation.How can I pay you?


    1. Which payment method do you use? If you pay by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and send 10usd to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com
      After you paid i will send you the link to download 2019 igo maps for USA & Canada and instructions.

  27. Hello my name is Robert I would like to get a copy of the maps. i do have an sd card and it is blank. please advise on how to pay the 10 dollars so i can get it? also to update the maps do i need to pay 10 dollars again for the update

    1. If you pay by paypal, you can login to your paypal account and send 10usd handling fee to our paypal account of support@mygpsmaps.com
      After you paid, we will send you a link to download 2019 igo maps for USA and Canada and instructions on how to update. The 10USD handling fee is just one time fee. If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.

  28. I’m new on the IGO Android and aftermarket radio field. I’m interested and impress with the IGO North America and Canada maps. How would I obtain the map offline in SD Card without the free trial on IGO?
    I would pay for the fee to get the link from you and download from my computer and copy to SD card. Are you provide the instructions clearly to completed?
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Ben, can you please make sure your current igo maps are installed in the SD card? For Android 8.0 system or newer, igo can only work and install in the internal storage of the Android navigation unit. After you paid US$10 for handling fee, i will upload igo maps for you and send you instructions on how to update it.

    1. Yes, the igo maps for USA is 2018 year version now, guaranteed!

      Update: Now it’s updated to 2019 version for USA and Canada igo maps.

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