Igo Maps Vietnam 2022 Q2 Update Free Download

Latest update igo maps Vietnam is 2022.q2 version now. It contains building, map, poi, speedcam files in content folder. This 2022 Vietnam igo map contains the premium points of interest (POI) of this region for free. The latest map of Vietnam with more than 468 600 km road coverage. If you want to download igo maps 2022 Vietnam for free, please read on.

If you have an aftermarket navigation device installed in the vehicle, whether it’s with wince system or android system, you can install or update igo maps Vietnam 2022. Firstly you can check the current igo map version in igo settings. You may find your current igo maps are too old, so you need to update it to drive safely. Your old igo map files should be in a sd card for wince system, or in the internal storage of your android head unit.

How to download igo maps Vietnam 2022 version?

We provide igo maps update for free, all maps from mygpsmaps.com are free to download and use. We usually upload new igo maps in googledrive, so it can share a simple link to download in your computer easily and fast. Then you can copy to your sd card or the internal storage to replace the old map files. Igo maps files take a large storage, and it takes time for us to upload new maps, we also provide step by step installation instructions for you. What we need is just a 10 USD handling fee, is that reasonable? If you can understand, you can contact us to get a link for downloading igo maps 2022 Vietnam.

If you need Southeast Asia igo maps download for other countries, you can check here.

Note: If your car has original navigation unit, igo maps update may not work, because there may be a limit to update new igo maps.

2022 Igo Maps Vietnam include building folder, map folder, poi folder and speedcam folder.


2022 igo maps vietnam

The total file size is 319MB.

The map folder includes fbl, fda, fjv, and fpa files.

Vietnam igo 2022 map folder

With our step by step download and installation instructions, you can download it fast and install it smoothly. As long as your navigation device is an aftermarket one not the original one.

Got a question? You can leave a comment below, or contact us via email: support@mygpsmaps.com


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