IGO Middle East Maps 2019 Download Latest IGO Primo Android Maps For Middle East

Car owners from Middle East just installed iGo maps for Middle East 2018 version, it’s time to download and update it with the latest IGO Middle East Maps 2019 version now. You can download latest iGo maps for Middle East here.

Middle East 2019 iGo Maps Include 11 Countries

Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE(United Arab Emirates), Kuwait, Israel, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq.


middle east igo maps


The default language is English, you can also set to other languages available in iGo settings.

IGo maps 2018 version for Middle East is free to download here. If you need the latest 2019 iGo maps, you can contact me, i will tell you how to download and update it.

The latest 2019 Middle East iGo maps supports both Windows CE and Android system aftermarket car navigation system. It also supports Android phones. IGo Primo maps can be used for Wince system.


igo middle east maps 2019


If you already have iGo Middle East maps installed, you can just replace some folders with new ones in Content folder. That’s easy to update it. However, if you don’t have any iGO software or maps installed before, you need the entire iGo map files including the software for Windows CE or Android system.

At the same time, you should backup all your current maps before you update them. That is to say, you can copy your map files from your SD card or internal memory of your navigation device, and paste in your computer.

Don’t know how to copy maps from your SD card?

Firstly, you can connect the GPS card with your computer, then you can see it in my computer. Click it, so you can see map files inside, with the folder name of iGO or Primo. Select the entire folder, right click it, so you can copy it and then paste to a folder from your computer.

IGo or Sygic – Which Is The Best Middle East Maps?

IGo maps are widely used in Middle East countries, especially for those who installed in-dash car navigation head unit. We also have Sygic maps for Middle East available. The latest Sygic maps for Middle East countries supports latest Android 8.0 and 9.0 system.

sygic maps middle east

The above picture shows you Sygic maps for Saudi Arabia in night mode, so the screen becomes dark at night, unlike the skin in daytime. The iGo maps also have this feature though.

Both Sygic maps and iGo maps are easy and free to use, and they are offline maps. Therefore, you can test both in your device, and select the best one for you. We can not say which is the best, but it’s really up to your hobby.

Anyway, no matter which maps do you need, iGo or Sygic, you can always contact me to download the latest maps. So let’s keep in touch.

You can contact me via email: support@mygpsmaps.com

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Middle East igo maps

Updated Middle East igo maps and everything is OK, thanks very much.

25 thoughts on “IGO Middle East Maps 2019 Download Latest IGO Primo Android Maps For Middle East

  1. i found your post on the net regarding how to optain IGO maps 2019 for Middle East.
    So can you please provide me with the needed steps to download “Windows CE” version. i’m interested mainly with UAE and Oman maps.

    thanks a lot in advance

    1. Yes, you can send an email to me, i can upload 2019 igo maps for Middle East online, and send you a link to download it, you just need to support me 10USD for handling fee, is that ok?

    1. Yes, you can send me via email, then i will reply you via email and tell you how to download 2019 igo maps for Middle East.

  2. Thanks for that generous act brother! Will update you after replacing the map inside my GPS. Hopefully it will be the most updated one God Willing as you have shared with us with great care and love. Thanks once again!

    1. Hi, i can upload latest igo maps for middle east on onedrive and send you a link to download them, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, maps are free, is that ok?

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