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Driving a car with aftermarket wince or Android system navigation unit installed, you will need to update igo maps to the latest version year by year. If you are from Southeast Asia, including countries Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, you can download and update igo maps from us.

Not only we can provide igo map Southeast Asia 2019, but also igo map 2020 Southeast Asia countries including Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam. You can choose either 2019 or 2020 version.


IGO Primo Maps 2018 Southeast Asia

How long should i update igo primo maps?

Igo maps update from time to time, or once a quarter. You can update your igo maps twice a year, once a year is also ok. If your current igo maps for Southeast Asia is 2018 or 2017 or even 2016 2015 year old versions. You should update it with the latest 2020 Q4 Southeast Asia igo maps, which updated in 2021. Because it’s not safe to drive using an outdated navigation maps.

Latest 2021 Southeast Asia IGO Maps

The latest 2021 igo maps for Southeast Asia is 2020 Q4 version. Latest 2020 Q4 Southeast Asia igo maps are available for these countries: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. The content folder includes map and poi folders.

The igo map southeast asia 2021 includes files:

  • Brunei_Darussalam_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fbl
  • Brunei_Darussalam_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fda
  • Indonesia_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fbl
  • Indonesia_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fda
  • Indonesia_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fpa
  • Malaysia_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fbl
  • Malaysia_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fda
  • Malaysia_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fpa
  • Singapore_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fbl
  • Singapore_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fda
  • Singapore_HERE_2020.Q4_210320.fpa
  • SouthEast_Asia_HERE_Easy_2020.Q4_210413.hnr
  • SouthEast_Asia_HERE_Economical_2020.Q4_210413.hnr
  • SouthEast_Asia_HERE_Fast_2020.Q4_210413.hnr
  • SouthEast_Asia_HERE_Short_2020.Q4_210413.hnr
  • Thailand_HERE_2020.Q4_210412.fbl
  • Thailand_HERE_2020.Q4_210412.fda
  • Thailand_HERE_2020.Q4_210412.fpa


For Philippines igo maps, it’s upgraded with 2020 Q2 version.

You can check map files below:



igo maps southeast asia

igo primo maps southeast asia

igo maps select as destination

2021 igo maps southeast download

How to download and update igo maps for Southeast Asia?

No matter which system your navigation device use, windows CE system or Android system, you can update the old maps easily. The easy step you need to do is replacing the old map files with latest ones. Your igo software may be igo8 for wince system, igo primo for wince and Android system, or igo world for Android system. No matter which system you have, the igo maps update is the same.

If the new map files does not work with your current igo software, there may be an error displaying on the GPS screen. Don’t worry, i will also send you the new igo software which is compatible with the latest igo maps. My igo software is available for aftermarket Wince system and Android system as well.

MyGpsMaps provides igo maps for free, there’s only a 10 USD handling fee for uploading and sending the downloading link to you, and help you to install it if you have a question.

For 10USD handling fee, what you will get? 

Not only i will upload and send you the link to download Southeast Asia 2019/2020 igo maps, but also providing you step by step instructions to teach you how to update it. You can download new igo maps via my link fast, without any ads or downloading speed limits. If you have any questions while updating or downloading, just feel free to let me know, i will do the best to assist you.

Besides, for a question or problem about aftermarket car head unit, i’d also be happy to help you. I’m a technician and working on aftermarket Android head units, if you need a recommendation of Android head unit for your car, i will also provide my suggestions for you.

If you think that’s reasonable, you can contact me via email support@mygpsmaps.com.

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The best source Ive ever found for updating gps maps. Full support from mygpsmaps. You will be guided till your maps successfully upgrade. Highly recommended.

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successfully download the igo map update for southeast asia region, 100% works and the admin is quick response, very recommended . thank you

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The igo maps update for southeast asia on my aftermarket gps is running fine. Simple to download and install new update from mygpsmaps.com, highly recommended.

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  1. I need the latest IGO Primo Indonesia Maps under Windows for Dynavin N7 Pro . I will send you $10 for handling fee.


  2. how can i buy map for philippines? Where will I pay? How can i guarantee that it will work on my Headunit with igo map.

    1. Is your navigation unit an aftermarket one or original one from your car? If it’s aftermarket one with Wince or Android system, igo Philippines maps should work with your unit. For more information you can contact me directly via email or whatsapp on “contact us” page.

  3. Hello,
    I have a Mitsubishi Pajero 2015 and it contains: Thailand 2014.10 Nostra.
    It also says: map\Thailand.fbl.
    Can it be updated?
    Thanks in advance,

      1. Since I bought the car the system has not been updated so I should think it’s the original navigation set.

    1. I can send you igo maps update for Indonesia, also with step by step installation instructions, maps are free, there’s 10USD handling fee.

  4. Hello,
    I have a Garmin Nuvi with an SD card. I would like to update my map of Thailand to the lastest version.
    Can you email me and help me?

    1. For Philippines igo maps, it’s not 2019 version. If you need 2019 Philippines maps, i suggest 2019 sygic maps.

        1. Does your¬†toyota head unit is the aftermarket one installed or the factory one? If it’s aftermarket head unit with old igo maps, you can update it with new ones.

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