IGO Primo Maps Update 2019 Android Free Download For North America USA And Canada

Got an after-market Android or Wince system car GPS navigation head unit with igo primo maps installed for years? So you will need to update your igo primo maps to the latest version. Here you can download and update your igo maps for North America including USA and Canada, free update maps. You just need to pay a handling fee of USD10, I will upload large & new igo maps for North America on onedrive and share you a link to download them. Besides, update instructions are also included. And downloading speed is fast without any ads on downloading page.

The North America USA and Canada igo maps recently updated with 2019/05 version now. So if your current maps are before year 2019 like 2018 or 2017 or even earlier, you can update it to the latest 2019 igo maps.

igo maps update 2019 usa canada

The latest igo primo maps can be used for both Android head unit or wince ce system navigation. If you already have igo maps installed, whether in a SD card or the internal memory of the unit, you can replace the old igo maps files with the latest 2019 maps data files.

How to update with 2019 igo maps for North America?

  • Firstly you can check in the map sd card or internal memory of your navigation unit, find out the igo > content folder, so you can see the current map files, in content folder there should be many folders including
    building, map, poi, speedcam, these are important map files which need to be updated.
  • Secondly, delete all files under these folders: building, map, poi, speedcam
  • Then you can copy new ones into the same folder
  • That’s all.

As you can see, it’s very simple to update maps, if you still have a question, you can contact me, i would be glad to assist you.

How to download 2019 igo maps for USA and Canada?

  1. New update maps for USA and Canada will be uploaded on onedrive.
  2. Maps update is free, you just need to pay handling fee of US$10, payment methods available: paypal, bank transfer or western union or wechat.
  3. After you paid, you can contact me, i will send you a link to download it within 24 hours. I will also send you step by step instructions to teach you how to update.


igo maps usa canada 2019


2019 igo maps for USA



The igo maps can only be used for aftermarket windows ce system or Android system gps navigation, it can not be used for original navigation system in the car.

If you want a new SD card to copy the new igo maps, the total is US$25 including shipping cost and a 8GB SD card.

IGO maps are offline maps, it’s free to use, once you got it installed, after the navigation system gets GPS signal outside, you are ready to navigate.


Email: support@mygpsmaps.com

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4 thoughts on “IGO Primo Maps Update 2019 Android Free Download For North America USA And Canada

  1. I’m new on the IGO Android and aftermarket radio field. I’m interested and impress with the IGO North America and Canada maps. How would I obtain the map offline in SD Card without the free trial on IGO?
    I would pay for the fee to get the link from you and download from my computer and copy to SD card. Are you provide the instructions clearly to completed?
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Ben, can you please make sure your current igo maps are installed in the SD card? For Android 8.0 system or newer, igo can only work and install in the internal storage of the Android navigation unit. After you paid US$10 for handling fee, i will upload igo maps for you and send you instructions on how to update it.

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