iGO Primo South Africa GPS Maps 2018 Version Free Download Here

2018 iGO primo maps for South Africa are available for free downloading now. Except South Africa, the latest iGO maps for Africa include 23 countries. You can contact me to update your current South Africa iGO maps with this 2018 new maps. Or just install the newest iGO maps in your device like car navigation or Android phone. It works well for both Wince system and Android system.

igo maps for South Africa

The latest 2018 iGO maps for Africa including South Africa, West Africa, North Africa and East Africa countries.

2018 IGO Africa Maps Including Countries

South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Benin, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire(Ivory Coast), Reunion, Egypt, Morocco, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi.

If you can not find your country as above, just feel free to tell me, i will check for you.

You can tell me iGO maps for which country you need. Then I will upload it on onedrive or googledrive and share you a link to download it. So no ads on the downloading page. If you don’t like to take time downloading, i can also send you a 16GB micro SD card to copy the latest iGO maps for your country, the total is US$20 including shipping cost.

south africa igo maps download

Whether you have an android phone or in-dash car navigation installed in your car, you can update the old iGO maps with this 2018 South Africa maps.

While if you don’t have any maps, and would like to install South Africa maps, you need to install iGO software firstly. Just like install an Android app in your mobile phone.There’s a iGO apk for you to install this app.

Still don’t know how to install iGO maps? You can check our previous post. Once you finished, you will find that’s really easy to update or install iGO maps for Africa.

igo primo south africa

The iGO maps for South Africa can be downloaded free. If you need GPS maps for another country, you can leave a comment below to let me know. If it’s available, i will contact you by email. The latest version of igo South Africa maps is 2019.q4 version now.

2020 igo maps update for Namibia:

it’s 2019.q4 version and updated in 2020 now

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by Renuel on My GPS Maps
South African Maps IGO

I been struggling the whole week to obtain new update South African Maps , finally i got it .



by randy on My GPS Maps
south africa igo maps download

The igo maps update south africa is working perfect on the car now. I appreciate your help you have been awesome!

by Yannis on My GPS Maps
Carte Afrique du Sud

Merci, beaucoup pour vôtre aide et vos explications.
Je recommande vivement ce vendeur .

48 thoughts on “iGO Primo South Africa GPS Maps 2018 Version Free Download Here

  1. I have an older Dubbul Din radio with Navi. My radio Says Igo. Not sure of version as my TF card is missing.
    I have a new TF card. How do I obtain the App with Maps

  2. I have recently bought and installed a Android 9 Head Unit into my 2010 Subaru WRX, the car had IGO Primo GPS Maps installed but for Israel, I then tried to install an update from the Suppliers Link they have send me but

    It seems it just do not want to work, i then uninstalled all IGO Navigation as per my Supplier and installed a downloaded IGO Navigation app which is still on the system but with a trial map for South Africa which expires in the next 3 days, I really don’t want to buy the full South African map pack for IGO Navigation because I think IGO Primo is a better Navigation App, is it possible to help me to download IGO Primo on my Head unit again with the South African Maps, I really don’t mind paying for it as long as I can load it and not have to worry about it again.

    1. Hi, i can send you new igo navigation software for Android head unit with igo maps for South Africa, also with step by step installation guide, maps are free, just $10 handling fee.

  3. I been struggling the whole week just to obtain updates on new South African Maps. Finally I got it on this site .

  4. Good day I would like to download the latest version of II Go. Primo maps for my golf 5 GTi. I leave in South Africa

    Please advise.

  5. As your reliable copilot, the iGO Navigation app will guide you to your dream destination. No internet in the jungle? No 3G in the mountains? No contact in the desert? No problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking in Chile, camping in Canada, or trekking through Africa. You can safely explore more than 100 countries with our offline maps and navigation.

  6. I need to download IGO maps for African countries kindly advice on payment and how to get it i have an android radio which has an option for GPS and once used SYGIC but now formatted radio and lost everything

    1. You can pay 10usd handling fee by paypal, bank transfer or western union. For South Africa igo maps, it’s 2018 version, Sygic maps for African countries are latest 2019 version. Both work well with Android radio. Which do you prefer?

  7. Hi

    I would like to download maps for South Africa and Mozambique on a SD card for my Double Din car navigation
    How do I do that.

    1. Hi, i can upload igo maps for South Africa and Mozambique online and send you a link to download them, can you please 10usd handling fee? I will also send you installation instructions with steps on how to update.

    1. I can upload igo software & maps for south africa on onedrive and send you a link to download it, you just need to pay usd10 for handling fee, is that ok?

  8. Good day.
    I would like to download/obtain iGO Primo South Africa GPS Maps 2018 Version since my current maps on my headunit have become outdated.

    1. I can upload 2018 igo maps for South Africa on onedrive and send you a link to download them, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

  9. Hi how do i download south african map igo primo for double din head unit not android i have igo primo 2016 need to update it to latest

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