IGO Primo Truck Nextgen APK Free Download

Looking for a working igo primo truck navi program with nextgen apk file for android system? Luckily you have found the right place to download it on mygpsmaps.com.

Igo Navigation is an offline app that guides you on adventures around the world. Igo primo truck version is useful for truck drivers and camper van owners. Different igo softwares are for different vehicles. If you have a truck and android navigation installed in your truck, installing igo primo truck app is necessary.

What’s igo primo truck navigation?

With igo navigation used for trucks, you are able to set up length, width, and height of your truck on it. So you can bypass some roads which have length/width/height limitations and always chooose the right route for your destination.

The igo truck navigation has a feature to set a special profile by entering the length, weight, height, and maximum speed limit of the truck, and calculate the ideal route accordingly.

igo truck

How to download igo primo truck apk?

There are many igo apps for cars, but not for trucks. If you want the real working igo primo truck app, just feel free to contact us, all apps will be tested and debugged by our technician to make sure it works well before we send them to you.

We will upload the igo primo truck app files on google drive, and share you a free download link, so you can click it and download it fast and easily. The igo app and maps are totally free, there’s a 10 usd handling fee as we need to maintain this site. Besides, it takes time for us to upload it online, we will also help you download and install igo navigation step by step.

Contact now to download igo primo truck app

If you need igo maps update, you can also contact us, we provide free igo maps download also with step by step installation instructions.

How to set up igo for truck?

Assuming you have already downloaded igo primo truck successfully. Now you can install it in your android unit or an android phone.

The installation process of the igo truck app is nearly the same for other igo navigation apps. Just copy the IGO folder to the root of your Android device and install the iGO apk inisde.

Note: You might need to turn enable install apps from outside of google play(unkonwed sources)
This option can be found in the settings of your navigation device.

After you install the igo primo truck app successfully, click igo settings, Route Preferences, Vehicle, you are able to set for a truck, bus, car, taxi, etc.

After you select truck option, you can edit the vehicle profile, set the length, width and height of your vehicle there. There are also some other settings you can set.

Here’s a video for your reference:

Igo primo truck for windows ce system

Wince system is out of date, igo navigation wince system is rarely used nowadays, it was popular used many years ago. Most aftermarket navigation devices come with android system installed. We have igo primo software for wince system, but we don’t have a windows ce system navigation device anymore so we are not able to test it. If you have a wince navigation, you can contact us to download igo primo windows ce for free. Just send us an email, we will send it to you. After you install it, please tell us the result, so we can help more people for those who need to install igo primo truck windows ce version.

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 by Ivan Nikolov

Everything about this is perfect. The program works properly, the maps. You get detailed instructions how to install it, and above else great customer service. Thank you very much

16 thoughts on “IGO Primo Truck Nextgen APK Free Download

  1. I am very pleased with the navigation programs, maps and explanations received from the My GPS Maps site. The navigation programs work great and there were no problems during installation. Thank you very much.

  2. Buongiorno , avrei bisogno dell’app Igo navi APK Crack e delle mappe europa . Come posso scaricarle ? Grazie . Ettore

    1. I can send you igo apk cracked version, and igo europe maps, also with step by step installation instructions, maps are free, can you send 10usd handling fee to support us?

  3. Witam. Proszę o igo do windows ce wraz z mapami. Proszę także mieć na uwadzę igo nextgen do androida 14 . Dziękuję

  4. Witam . Mam samsunga galaxy s 23 i moje igo nexten , które miałem na galaxy s20 nie chce si ę zainstalowac . Proszę o igo takie aby się zaintalowało . Dziekuje i pozdrawiam

  5. Hello! I am using IGO Primo truck navigation for a long time and now it seems outdated since the last update was 2018. I am using it on PIONEER tablet on windows platform. Please send me the update from the new maps for Europe and Switzerland.
    Thank you thank you very much!!! Appreciate!

  6. I was looking for an iGO truck package that would run on my Xtrons android car stereo, after trying many with problems. Well, it worked right away with no problems. I received the pack immediately after requesting it. I am very satisfied.

  7. Please i have igo in my car but i make reset and know i dont have it anymore i wont to download again please give me the link to downlod full igo primo

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