Igo Sri Lanka Map Download for Aftermarket GPS

Latest igo maps for Sri Lanka has been updated to 2020 version now. You can download 2020 igo Sri Lanka map here on mygpsmaps.com, which provides latest igo maps update not only for Sri Lanka. It supports igo8, igo primo, igo world and other igo software.

Igo Sri Lanka Map

Driving in Sri Lanka with navigation but outdated maps may lead you to inaccurate destinations. So you should always download and update your igo Sri Lanka maps. The new igo maps for Sri Lanka include these files:

  • Sri_Lanka_HERE_2020.Q2_200904.fbl
  • Sri_Lanka_HERE_2020.Q2_200904.fda
  • Sri_Lanka_HERE_2020.Q2_200904.fpa
  • Sri_Lanka_HERE_2020.Q2_200803.poi

It works for aftermarket GPS with WinCE system or Android system. You can keep using your current igo software and update your old igo maps, so it’s very simple, not need to run a new install. All you need to do is replacing old map files with new ones.

How to download igo Sri Lanka maps?

Downloading igo Sri Lanka map is easy. We will provide you a download link sharing from Googledrive, so you just need to click a download button after you get the link. The question is, how can i get the download link?

You just need to send a $10 handling fee to us, then we will upload latest Sir Lanka igo map on Googledrive, and share you a link to download it. The offline Sri Lanka igo map is free to download, and free to use. Except providing you the download link, we will also send you simple one-by-one steps on how to download with your computer, and how to install in your GPS.

Sri Lanka Igo Map Download

Furthermore, should you have any questions while downloading or installing, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do the best to help you online. We are very familiar with different kinds of aftermarket navigation units on the market. No matter which GPS you have, we know how to get your GPS with latest igo maps installed.

If you purchased an aftermarket navigation which does not have igo maps, you will need to install igo software for you navigation as well. For WinCE system, you need to install igo8 or igo primo software in a SD card, then insert the SD card in the GPS card slot of your GPS. For Andrroid system, you need to install igo primo or igo world apk in your GPS. Then you can copy Sri Lanka igo map in your igo.

Frequently asked questions about igo Sri Lanka maps

  1. What’s the latest version of igo maps for Sri Lanka?
    The latest igo map for Sri Lanka version is 2020.Q2, which updated in August, 2020.
  2. Does it work on my aftermarket car radio?
    Your aftermarket radio should have GPS function built-in. You can check if your GPS already has igo map installed or not, if yes, you just need to download and copy Sir Lanka igo map into it. If not with igo, you need to install igo software as well.
  3. I have original navigation from my car, can it work?
    I’m afraid not. The original navigation regularly does not support igo.
  4. Except igo maps for Sri Lanka, can i download another GPS software?
    We also have Sygic maps for Sri Lanka, Sygic maps for Android navigation.

Still got a question? Leave a comment below, or contact us via email: support@mygpsmaps.com

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5 thoughts on “Igo Sri Lanka Map Download for Aftermarket GPS

  1. Please let me know how to buy an IGO Sri Lanka map and how to install my Chinese brand media tek, a 7-inch GPS navigator, it has already US map, please send me a full installation guide and payment method
    Palitha Ekanayake

  2. I have a Chinese brand media tek, a 7-inch GPS navigator, it has already an igo us map can I install a Sri Lanka map on this condition?

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