Central America Latest IGO Maps Free Download Update

Latest igo maps for Central America has been upgraded to 2020 version now. The igo maps for Central America available for downloading include 34 countries as follows:

Central America IGO Maps 2020 Download

  • Anguilla, Aruba, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Barbados, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, BVI(British Virgin Islands), Bonaire
  • Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Cayman
  • Dominica, Dominican
  • El Salvador
  • Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Grenada
  • Haiti, Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Martinique, Montserrat 
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Saint Barthelemy, Salvador, Saint Martins, Saint Lucia, St. Christopher and Nevis Federation, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint eusteches and saba
  • Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands


Central America IGO Maps 2019


America IGO Maps 2019 Download


How To Download And Install Central America Igo Maps?

Here in MyGPSMaps.com, you can find igo maps download and update for nearly all over the world! Maps are all free! You don’t need to pay for the maps, just need to pay a small handling fee(10USD) for uploading maps for your country on onedrive and sending you the link to download it. They are all offline maps which are free to use.

These 2019 igo maps for Central America countries can be installed in different kinds of navigation units.

For instance, if you have a windows CE system aftermarket car navigation, you need to update the old igo maps to the latest 2019 version, congratulations, you have found the right place to go. How to update igo maps for windows CE system? It’s really simple. What you need to do is just replacing the old maps files with new ones in a SD card.

I assume you have already got a SD card inserted into the GPS card slot of your navigation unit, right? Therefore, you just need to connect the SD card with your computer, delete the old map files under the folder igo > content > building, map, poi folders. After that, copy new igo maps into the same directory.

Certainly, the above step is the same for older Android system navigation like Android 4.4+ system.

However, for newer Android system like Android 8.0 and newer system, the new igo software can only be used in the internal storage of the navigation unit. As a result, you need to delete old maps files and copy new ones to the internal storage through USB or SD connection.


igo maps 2019 Costa Rica


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In addition, if you are from another country, not the listing as above, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will check for you.

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About Author: I’m Will, a technician working in a car multimedia navigation system company for many years.

Contact me now to get the downloading link. If necessary, I can also tell you how to download and update igo maps with step by step instructions. Besides, if you have a question while using igo maps, i’ll also do my best to help you.

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 by C James

Worked as stated, customer service was very helpful and responsive

 by Eduardo
Igo map

Necesito mapa para Cuba

 by Nelson
I need a link

can you please send me the el salvador map please

 by José S.
Great job!

Totally satisfied.

 by Yordani
Mapa de Republica Dominicana

Necesito instalar el mapa de mi pais que no lo trajo en la memoria SD

 by Diego Giraldez
excelente servicio

Saludos, soy de República Dominicana, y me siento muy complacido con el servicios brindado por William, respondió de inmediato enviando el mapa y las instrucciones para ponerlo a funcionar en mi carro.. muy satisfecho con el servicio, doy un 11 de 10.

 by Karen
Central America igo maps

I made contact with William for the Central Maps and i am pleased with the very detail instructions and link he sent.
Thank You Will.

28 thoughts on “Central America Latest IGO Maps Free Download Update

    1. I purchased the Central America maps because I am travelling to Belize in a few weeks. I am disappointed that there are no Belize maps in the Central America map package, as advertised. I encourage you to take Belize out of the advertised countries included in this package.

  1. Hi. I have igo mi way whit the maps of usa mexico and canada and i live on aruba so i ned the aruba map

  2. Hola necesito instalar el mapa actualizado de mi país, República Dominicana y las instrucciones si es posible. Es un radio Hizpo para Honda CRV 2008, el sistema operativo es wince 6.0

    1. I can send you 2019q4 igo maps update for Dominican Republic, maps are free, can you send $10 handling fee to support us?

  3. Hello, I have a iGO pal navigation system as a part of a Dasaita car stereo. Im interested in Nicaragua maps (I live in NIcaragua and my unit came with US and canada maps). Its OK for me to pay the 10 dollars fee. Thanks

    1. I can send you 2019q4 igo maps for Nicaragua, which updated in 2020, maps are free, can you please pay US$10 handling fee to support us?

      1. I sent U the 10 dollars fee by paypal. By the way is it possible to update the iGO pal NextGen Navigation?. It came with a Dasaita car-stereo from China. Thanks.

        1. Saludos. Compre un Nissan en USA y me lo traje a Costa Rica. El sistema de navegación del vehículo viene con una tarjeta SD con el mapa de ese país. Ya probé con una SD y el sistema no lo reconoció. Quisiera saber si pueden ayudarme con los mapas de CR y que el sistema Nissan los pueda leer. Gracias

          1. Does your car have an aftermarket navigation unit installed or original one? Is it with wince system or android system?

  4. Dear Sir,
    Can you provide me the downloading link for iGO maps for Europe. And please tell me how to download and update igo 2019 maps with step by step instructions.

    1. Yes, i can upload igo 2019 maps for Europe on onedrive and send you a link to download them, can you please pay US$10 for handling fee to support me?

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