Latest Igo maps 2019 Download Russia Finland Ukraine For Wince And Android System

Car owners from Russia, Finland, and Ukraine who installed an aftermarket navigation head unit can update their igo primo maps to latest 2019 version now. No matter your navigation unit is with wince system or Android system, you can update igo maps by yourself. All you need to do is downloading new igo maps and replacing old map files with new ones.

2019 Q2 igo maps download Russia

For Eastern Europe countries, the igo maps have been updated to 2019 Q2 version. 2019 Q2 Russia IGO maps include building, map, phoneme, poi, speedcam folders. This is the same for Western Europe igo maps.

russia igo maps files

2019 Igo maps for Russia, Finland, Ukraine content details


  • Finland_HERE_2019.Q2_190624.3dc
  • Finland_HERE_2019.Q2_190624.3dl
  • Russia_HERE_2019.Q2_190624.3dc
  • Russia_HERE_2019.Q2_190624.3dl
  • Ukraine_HERE_2019.Q2_190624.3dc
  • Ukraine_HERE_2019.Q2_190624.3dl


  • Finland_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190702.fbl
  • Finland_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190702.fda
  • Finland_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190702.fjw
  • Finland_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190702.fpa
  • Finland_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190702.fsp
  • Russia_83_HERE_2017.Q4_171030.fds
  • Russia_83_HERE_2018.Q4_181205.fjv
  • Russia_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190627.fbl
  • Russia_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190627.fda
  • Russia_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190627.fjw
  • Russia_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190627.fpa
  • Russia_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190627.fsp
  • Russia_83_HERE_Disputed_2019.Q2_190626.fbl
  • Russia_83_HERE_Disputed_2019.Q2_190626.fda
  • Russia_83_HERE_Disputed_2019.Q2_190626.fpa
  • Russia_83_HERE_Disputed_2019.Q2_190626.fsp
  • Ukraine_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190503.fbl
  • Ukraine_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190503.fda
  • Ukraine_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190503.fjw
  • Ukraine_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190503.fpa
  • Ukraine_83_HERE_2019.Q2_190503.fsp




  • Finland_HERE_2019.Q2_190524.poi
  • Finland_HERE_Extended_2019.Q2_190425.poi
  • Finland_HERE_Truck_2019.Q2_190504.poi
  • Russia_HERE_2019.Q2_190701.poi
  • Russia_HERE_Disputed_2019.Q2_190524.poi
  • Russia_HERE_Truck_2018.Q3_180917.poi
  • Russia_HERE_Truck_2019.Q2_190506.poi
  • Russia_HERE_Truck_Disputed_2019.Q2_190529.poi
  • Ukraine_HERE_2019.Q2_190524.poi
  • Ukraine_HERE_Disputed_2019.Q2_190524.poi
  • Ukraine_HERE_Truck_2019.Q2_190504.poi


  • Finland_HERE_2019.Q2_190509.spc
  • Russia_HERE_2019.Q2_190509.spc

2019 russia igo maps

If you want to update your Russian igo maps, you can get a downloading link from My GPS Maps. 2019 igo maps for Russia and Finland and Ukraine are free here. We will upload latest igo maps on onedrive, and share you a link to download them. Downloading is also free and fast, without ads, no need to wait in queue for downloading. You just need to pay usd10 for handling fee, because there’s storage fee from onedrive, and we will also teach you how to update if you need any help.

Actually, new igo maps install is pretty easy if you have already igo maps installed. The map files are in your content folder, so you just need to replace the old map files with new ones and put them in the same directory. If your igo software was locked or not working with the new igo maps, we can also send you igo8 or igo primo software for Wince system navigation system, and igo world software for Android system.

If you are interested, you can contact us via email

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igo maps 2019 Russia

I have a Chinese aftermarket head unit and got 2019 igo Russian maps from William, it works with my Android igo. Update was easy.

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