Latest IGO Maps For India IGO Primo India Free Download

If you have installed an aftermarket navigation head unit with old India igo maps, you can get a maps update from for your Android or Wince system igo or igo primo maps to 2020Q4 version, it’s updated in 2021. The old version is 2018 version. Maps are free to download and free to use. Igo navigation sd card can also be replaced with a new one if your old sd card with igo GPS maps India was defective.

We will upload igo maps update for India on Googledrive and send you a link to download them. Besides, you will get step by step installation instructions including how to download, how to install. Besides, if you have a question while downloading or installing, you can also contact us, we will do our best to help you.

india igo maps_3

Latest igo GPS maps for India

The new igo maps India update includes new building, map, phoneme, poi files.

Building folder:

  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201126.3dl
  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201127.3dc

map folder:

  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201204.fbl
  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201204.fda
  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201204.fjv
  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201204.fjw
  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201204.fpa
  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201204.fsp
  • India_HERE_Easy_2020.Q4_201209.hnr
  • India_HERE_Economical_2020.Q4_201209.hnr
  • India_HERE_Fast_2020.Q4_201209.hnr
  • India_HERE_Short_2020.Q4_201209.hnr

phoneme folder:


poi folder:

  • India_HERE_2020.Q4_201214.poi
  • India_HERE_BaseExtended_2020.Q4_201202.poi
  • India_HERE_Extended_2020.Q4_210128.poi

The entire file size is about 2GB, while the old 2018 version is only 1.41GB. So it’s more detailed than the 2018 and 2019 igo India maps.

We suggest you using a windows computer and chrome browser to download it. There may be a problem for Mac computer according to the feedback from others before. Igo maps for India are offline navigation maps, you don’t need to pay for it after installation, and you don’t need to connect network to make it working.

india igo maps_1

india igo maps_2

india igo maps_4

india igo maps_5

We tested it well with aftermarket wince system and Android system gps head units. It’s for aftermarket navigation system, not for original gps from your car. You just need to use one link to download all content files as above. This saves your time.

For Android navigation unit installed in your car, you can also install Sygic maps for India. India Sygic maps are latest updated to 2021 version now. Please note this Sygic map does not work for Wince system aftermarket head unit. If you need Sygic maps for India, we can also upload them on googledrive and send you a link to download them.

Payment method you can choose: Paypal, Bank Transfer or Western union, Moneygram, Wechat, Alipay.

After you paid $10 handling fee, we will send you the link to download India igo maps update, together with step by step instructions to show you how to install it. If you are interested, you can contact us via email:

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Vinay
Received prompt Service.

We have received prompt and accurate delivery for iGo Map and it is working very well.

Thank you so much.


iGO Primo is very useful. I have been using it for 10 it is out of my hands.please help.

 by Vivian
Legit and worth it

All you need to do is send an email to the above email address with your requirements. You will receive a reply from Mr. William very quickly. Once you had paid the $10 and sent the confirmation mail, you will immediately get the detailed steps for set up. Very easy to understand and install and if you have any issue, take a screenshot and send it to email address above. Mr. William will rectify it immediately.

 by Ansar
igo india maps update

Downloaded igo india maps update, all worked fine many thanks. It's so easy with step by step installation instructions.

53 thoughts on “Latest IGO Maps For India IGO Primo India Free Download

  1. Hi, I need IGO map file for India to install in my car infotainment system , let me know how to download it.

  2. I have igo primo version release dt may 13, 2015.
    I want to update to the latest maps for my Toyota Fortuner 2019.

  3. Hi, I need IGo Primo Next Gen for my Honda WRV 2017 model which used digipad. The SD Card provided by Honda got damaged some how and when I copied downloaded maps it says that can not read maps with your license. Can you help?

  4. my toyota fortuner 2015 model have the navigation system of igo primo 2014, i wud be glad if you cud guide me how to updated the same.
    the dealership is not capable,
    pls guide me how to update to latest version .

  5. Want a new navigation card for my honda WRV, the one which came with the car is lost.
    While booting up navigation it said igo primo, so i guess this was it.

  6. Hello, I am interested in Latest India Maps for my iGO Primo system. Please let me know how do i get it and how much I have to pay.

    1. I can send you 2020 igo maps update for India, maps are free, can you send US$10 handling fee to support us?

    1. I can send you IGO maps for India, also with step by step installation instructions, maps are free, can you send US$10 handling fee to support us?

  7. i have honda car in that igo navigation system memory card is not working I need to install a new one kindly provide me a link by that i can download the map for my car navigation system.

    1. Do you need igo maps for India? Does your car have an aftermarket navigation unit with wince system or android system?

  8. I have old iGO maps on a Chinese Android touchscreen unit I bought three years ago for my Renault Duster in India in the form of a 8GB SD card that came with it. could you help me with the up to date India maps.

  9. hi

    Honda WR-V (2018). I need a India Map update for igo primo nextgen SD Card. company fitted original maps.


      1. Please send latest sd card file for honda wrv 2017. company fitted system using IGO primo nextgen. Also need to know the process how to update it.
        Please help.

          1. Original from premium sound solutions. But while running navugation its shows IGO primo nextgen

  10. I am Having a Honda WRV original Navigation Sytem with igo primo nextgen maps for india in SD. Pls let me how to update this

    1. For original navigation system, my igo maps may not work, it’s special for aftermarket navigation system.

  11. I have an aftermarket navigation Device running windows CE operating system. I need the software and the india map that shall run on it .

  12. I need IGO map files to install in sd card of my car infotainment system. Can you please provide me the link to download the files?
    Also guide on procedure to install it in sd card for smooth functioning after installation.

  13. Hi there!
    I am interesting to buy the “Latest IGO Maps For India IGO Primo Free Download Android And Wince System”

    Could you please send me the link to download and make the payment for the map?

          1. Igo maps update is special for aftermarket navigation device, does your car have original navigation?

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