Navigation Upgrade

If you are looking for the best aftermarket navigation upgrade for your car stereo, there are many things you need to consider before buying. In this post, you’ll learn how and where to find an aftermarket car gps navigation head unit which is compatible with your car.

Many people tried to upgrade the igo maps, but failed to upgrade. Because they have an original navigation or an limited aftermarket navigation head unit installed.

Generally, there are two reasons why you failed to install the igo maps update.

  1. Your car has the original navigationThe original facotry installed navigation has a limit to update the GPS maps. Most likely you are not able to get a maps update for the original navigation. Even if you are able to get a maps update from the supplier of navi unit, it’s very expensive to upgrade maps from them, so it’s not worth. So you may consider to buy an aftermarket navigation infotainment system.
  2. The aftermarket navigation with a license issueSome aftermarket navigation was installed original igo navigation with license. When you update the old igo maps, you will see a license issue: cannot open the available map files with your license. Yes, every time you update the original igo maps, you need to get a new working license file. That means you need to buy new map files with license at high cost.

Overall, in order to update your igo maps successfully, your car should have an aftermarket head unit installed not the original one, and there’s no limit to update igo maps with your unit. I really don’t recommend you to buy a navigation device with original igo maps or trial version, because it will be difficult for you to upgrade the maps in the future.

How to find a quality aftermarket navigation head unit?

You may search on google, on amazon, or ebay. There are so many different products online and sometimes it’s not easy to pick the best one for your car. Sellers are different, prices are different, and quality is also different. You would like to enjoy it while driving in the car, not want a headache, right?

I’m a technician focusing on aftermarket car navigation system since 2008. I know how to develop and produce aftermarket navigation units, I know many manufacturers in Guangdong, China. Yes, nearly all aftermarket navigation head units are made in China. I have also worked for after-sales service for a long time.

So I can understand what you need, and I will do my best to recommend the best product to meet your requirement. Importantly, the unit should be of high quality and affordable price.

Buying guide for an aftermarket navigation unit

  • Make sure it fits your car

    Some online sites may declare it fits your car model and year, but you’d better check with them to make sure it 100% fits and works.

  • High quality product

    A high quality unit can last for years. Does this unit have a warranty? How long? At least it should be one year warranty, some suppliers provide 2 years warranty because they are confident with their products.

  • Good after-sales service

    If there’s a question or problem while installing, can they provide in time support? Can they understand English well? Barrier-free communication? Will they install igo maps for your country? Can they provide free maps update?

I can recommend navigation upgrade for your car

I’m William, as a professional technician, I can recommend the best navigation upgrade for your car based on your requirements. For those who have not installed an aftermarket navigation unit before, you may encounter some questions while buying or installing.

Why you can trust me?

  • Free igo maps install and update
    If the supplier I recommended can not provide you igo maps or maps update, i can send you igo maps and igo maps update in the future, free download and install.
  • Online support for installation
    If the supplier I recommended can not help you for installation, you can also contact me.
  • Help to contact your supplier
    I’m from China, I can talk with your supplier in China easily, if necessary, i can also help to contact your supplier for after-sales service.

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