Solution: Can not open the available map files with your license

After completing the iGO maps update, you may receive an error notice when starting iGO. The problem may be “cannot open the available map files with your license“, or says “Can not open map because of license conflict“, or “The license does not match the map files you selected“, or says inactive content. Sometimes when you put a location in it it doesn’t work.

I replaced the map files but it says that the available map data can’t be opened with my license, is there any way i can fix this problem? Don’t worry, I’m writing this post and doing my best to help you.


cannot open the available map files with your license


Why you get map license error message?

Well, it’s a common issue for original igo system after you complete igo maps update.

This usually happens if your navigation device has old wince system, or installed original navigation system. I have not heard of that problem with an android unit so far. For some branded navigation units like Pioneer, there’s a limit to update igo maps, because the units’ supplier wants you to buy igo maps update from them so they set a limit to update new maps.

Unfortunately you can’t run the collected maps on a original system. Because the license file should be compatible with the new maps update. In order to use the collected new igo maps update you have to change the igo navigation software with a non-original one. Non-original igo software also works well. Actually, over 90% people installed igo software are using non-original igo software, especially for those who installed aftermarket Chinese navigation head unit.

With the original igo software, there are limits to use and update, you can only update from igo official, the cost is very expensive. And every time you need to update maps, you need to pay high price again. Why not just installing another igo software which also works well?

How to solve igo map license issue?

The limit may be set from your navigation unit directly, or just from igo software. If it’s from the navigation itself, only new maps from your supplier work, so you can try to contact the supplier of your unit for maps update.

  • Try another license file

    Firstly you can try another license file, license files are in igo or primo folder > license folder. If other license files still not working, then you can just install another igo software, like igo8, igo primo, igo world, etc. So the new igo software is compatible with the new igo maps update which has been tested and proved working well.

  • Replace igo software

    If your problem is from igo software, replacing it with another igo software without limit should solve it. If you need, i can send you igo primo software with primo.exe file for wince system. I can also help you to install it step by step.

    Except igo primo software, i can also provide new igo maps download for your country, so you can follow my steps one by one to update igo maps. Maps are free, just 10 usd handling fee to support us, if you agree, you can contact me via email:

  • Set navigation path

    In order to get primo.exe working with your unit, you need to find out if there’s a navigation path setting in the settings of your unit, not from igo settings.

    navigation path

    This navi path setting allows your unit to find primo.exe and run igo maps normally. If your unit does not have such a setting, i can not guarantee if primo.exe works with your unit or not. Based on my experience before, some units may work.

    After installation, click navigation icon, enter igo navigation main menu, if there’s no error, that means it works.

If your problem can not be solved, i suggest you buying an aftermarket android head unit which is easy to install and update igo maps without a limit.

Suggestion for aftermarket navigation unit

When you are looking for an aftermarket navigation head unit, no matter if it’s with wince system or Android system, you should contact the seller and ask them if maps update is easy and free. You’d better choosing the seller who provides free igo maps and also free maps update in the future. I recommend DVDGPSNAV to buy aftermarket android head units. They provide free igo or Sygic maps for their aftermarket head units, and also provide lifetime maps update.


igo maps update


Here in MyGPSMaps, you can get latest igo maps update easily and conveniently. If your new igo maps update does not work with your igo software, you can also contact us to download and install another igo software. We have igo8 and igo primo program for wince system, and igo world program for Android system.

Another problem you may have

If the top displays Looking for GPS signal, you need to set baud rate and port for your unit.

Open sd card > primo > sys.txt file


Set to


or it may be


If it still says looking for gps signal, you can check your old sys.txt file and find the correct settings for port and baud rate. If you can not find it, you need to ask the supplier of your unit for this information.

This is the solution for “Looking for GPS signal”.

By the way, if your GPS antenna does not connect well, or your GPS antenna was defective, you will also see this notice, so you’d better check your GPS antenna as well.

Still got a question? You can leave a comment below, or contact me directly.

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  1. I have the same error message “Cannot to open available map files withe your licence” Can you give me the link to download the igo primo software so that I can update my map for free (apart from handling fee of US$10)

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