South America iGO Maps Download And Update For Brazil Chile Columbia Argentina And More

Do you want to download or update your iGO maps for South America? 2018 iGO maps for South America is available for downloading now. The South America iGO maps 2018 version including countries as follows.

Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, French Guiana.

I’ll start by telling you how to download 2018 iGO maps for South America. After that, I will tell you how to update your current iGO maps.

2018 igo maps brazil

The latest iGO maps should include many map files in content folder.

  • building
  • dem
  • global_cfg
  • lang
  • map
  • poi
  • speedcam
  • userdata

As we all know, building, poi and map files are the basic map files of iGO. So when you are trying to download new iGO maps, you are most probably get those files, not including the iGO software. If you have already got the iGO software for Wince system or Android system, that would be great, upgrade is easier.

igo maps 2018 download

Where can I download 2018 iGO maps for South America(Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Peru, or another country)?

Luckily you have found this post, I have iGO maps for South America updated to 2018 year version now. If you want to download it, just let me know, i will send you a link to download it online. The latest iGO maps will be uploaded on onedrive or dropbox, so there’s a link for sharing and downloading for free. Downloading speed should be fast, it depends on your network speed though.

Just with an easy click, you can download new 2018 iGO maps for your country in the computer or your phone.

If your country is beyond the above listed countries. Don’t worry, I also have iGO maps for many other countries, nearly all over the world. Therefore, you can also contact me for the iGO maps for your country.

2018 igo maps navigation view

How to update my South America iGO maps to 2018 version?

So you have a navigation device with the old iGO maps now. Upgrading to 2018 version is very easy, just copy and paste. I assume you have already downloaded the new maps. Certainly, you should backup all your old map files from a SD card or your navigation device.

Now you can open the folder, copy all new files and folders in content folder. It should be with folders like building, map, poi or maybe other folders or files.

Then paste them in your sd card in the same file structure. If the screen pops up with a window saying same file, just replace with the new one. There you go.

Friendly tip for newer version iGO software:

The newer version iGO software is better being installed in the internal memory of your navigation unit. If not, it may not work properly.

For the old Windows CE system navigation car head unit, you can just use a SD card to install iGO and storage iGO map files.

For the new Android system car navigation unit, especially for Android 8.0 system and above, you need to install iGO app in the internal memory of the device.

Besides, the internal memory from your Android car head unit should be with enough storage.

In conclusion, you have found the right place here to download 2018 iGO maps for South America, including countries Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, French Guiana. And it’s easy to download it by clicking the link i provided to you.

Brazil iGO Maps Demo Routes

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