Sygic Truck Apk Cracked Version Free Download for Android

If you want to install Sygic truck apk cracked 2023 maps into your Android navigation for trucks or cars, this article is exactly what you’re looking for.

The sygic truck apk cracked installation allows you to set for different vehicle types, like car, bus, transport truck, delivery truck, camper, garbage truck.

vehicle type

For example, if you have a transport truck, click settings of the sygic app, vehicle settings, you can then set the vehicle type to a transport truck as above. Then you are able to set vehicle attributes to match your vehicle specifications.

vehicle attributes

Of course you can use this sygic apk cracked version for an aftermarket android navigation unit in your car as well. As long as your car or a truck has an aftermarket navigation unit with Android system installed. You can also install in your android phone.

How to install sygic apk for android?

  1. contact to get a download link, so you can download the apk file in your computer, or your android phone
  2. then copy sygic apk file in the internal storage of your android head unit. The correct path should be:

    file manager > internal storage > Android > Data folder

  3.  install sygic app by clicking file manager > internal storage > Android > Data > Sygic.apk
  4. After you complete installation, you can check all your apps list, click sygic app icon, select internal storage, then download the latest offline maps files for your country
    note: in this step, your android navigation should connect wifi to download online.
  5. You can drive outside to test it now.

Here’s a video to show you how sygic truck app works.

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