Sygic USA Canada Maps Download Free Sygic Apk

In this article I will tell you where to download latest free 2023 Sygic maps for North America including USA and Canada, and how to install it in your aftermarket Android navigation head unit or Android phone.

Sygic maps files size is much bigger than igo maps north america. For new USA Sygic maps, it can only be used in the internal storage of your aftermarket Android navigation device or android phone, so you should make sure if your navigation has enough storage to copy USA Sygic maps.


Sygic USA maps

sygic usa maps download

How to install USA or Canada Sygic maps for Android navigation?

You can follow these simple instructions to install new 2022 Sygic maps in your navigation device.

  1. Download 2022 Sygic maps for USA or Canada online
  2. After you finished downloading, you can see a compressed folder named Sygic.rar
  3. Right-click to extract it, so you can see Sygic folder with 2 folders inside:
    sygic maps folders
    com.sygic.aura includes the important map files, Sygic.apk is the installation apk for aftermarket Android head unit or Android phone.
  4. Copy the above 2 files into the internal storage of your navigation under Android > Data folder:File manager > Internal storage > Android > Data
  5. Now you can install the Sygic app in your navigation, click file manager > internal storage > Android > Data > Sygic.apk to install it.This step is very important, because new Sygic software can only be installed and used in internal storage of your unit, and the Sygic map files should be put in the correct folder.
  6. After installation, you are able to use this offline Sygic USA/Canada maps without internet.

Note: for 2023 sygic maps, the installation steps are different, much easier, it’s just with a sygic apk file. 

Just copy the sygic apk file in the internal storage of your android device, then install it directly, then you can download maps online(your device should connect internet first).

Important Instructions

  • Some people install the Sygic maps in SD card, that’s not working, for newer version of Sygic maps, it can only be installed in the internal memory of the device.
  • Don’t get the directory wrong. You should copy com.sygic.aura folder and Sygic.apk file in the Internal storage of Android > Data folder, please note it’s not .Android folder, it’s Android folder, then click Data folder and paste them there.

The default language is English, Sygic maps also support many other languages, if you need to change the language, you can set it in settings > regional preferences, there are also some other other settings like Distance units,  Sound, Route planning, and so on.

sygic maps settings

regional preferences


distance units

Except Sygic maps for United States and Canada, Sygic maps for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Asia, are also available.

Contact me via Email:

Should you have any questions about this map, or any installation questions, just feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in IGO maps for USA and Canada, you can check it here:

IGO North America Maps Free Download USA/Canada/Mexico

6 thoughts on “Sygic USA Canada Maps Download Free Sygic Apk

  1. I have android car GPS/radio. unfortunately the unit i bought online is loaded with Europe map and how can i make my unit work in Canada.
    Additionally, the internet in the GPS doesn’t work for some reason, so I would like to load the map from a pendrive.
    How can i pay you?


  2. i just want to know the download is going to work on my android car GPS/radio. unfortunately the unit i bought online is loaded with Europe map and how can i make my unit work in USA.

    1. Hi, i can send you maps for USA, and tell you how to install it in your android car GPS radio, can you pay US$10 handling fee?

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