Where To Put iGO Maps Files | Explanation iGO Map files In Different Folders

Assume you have already downloaded updated iGO maps files, but don’t know where to put them in the correct file folders. In this post, I will explain to you where to put the iGO map files in different folders. You can also see the iGO files structure.

The new iGO maps files should all be put under Content folder.

new igo map files in content folder

Click Content folder, so you can see there are many folders inside.

For example, there are files and folders as following.

files under content folder


Building, map, and poi files are the most important for iGO

So I will explain to you these files.

  • iGO > content > buildingClick Building folder, you will see 2 files with suffix of 3dc and 3dl inside, which means 3D view Landmarks/Building.* .3DL – 3D renderings of some important buildings
    * .3DC – Contours of the items on the map
    * _petrol.3DL – 3D Images of some petrol stations

    Landmarks are 3D representations of prominent or well-known objects. 3D buildings are block representations of full town building data containing actual building sizes and positions on the map.

  • iGO > content > mapOpen map folder, you can see many files with suffix of .fbl, .fda, .fjw, .fpa, .fsp, .ftr.
    fbl – Actual maps for a country(most important map file)
    fda – Driver Alerts (Primo only)
    fjw – Junction view SVG format, it is graphic showing where to do off a highway.
    fpa – Point Addressing, is where addresses (along with entry points) stored individually in map file
    fsp – File that contains information about legal maximum speed of travel
    ftr – Information Truck information for truck drivers
    hnr – Files containing pre calculated route (fast, short, economical and easy). To use hnr one needs the complete mapset unless in sys.txt
  • iGO > Content > poi

    Files with points of interest (including gas stations, hotels, ATMs, pharmacies, hospitals, tourist attractions, parking)

  • iGO > Content > speedcam

    .txt, .spc(Primo only) – Files containing the location of fixed speed cameras. To use spc files need a special license.
    If you want to update the speedcams in your iGO maps, you can delete the files speedcam.spdb and SpeedcamUpdates.spud, then copy the new *.txt or *.spc file to the iGO/content/speedcam directory and restart iGO application.

    The file will automatically update the database and iGO will generate new speedcam.spdb and SpeedcamUpdates.spud files in the speedcam directory.

With the above explanation of all necessary files in content folder, you should know where to put your new downloaded iGO maps files.

Meanwhile, you can compare the directories of new iGO maps with your current map files. This is also an easy way to know how to update new iGO maps for your country.

I hope this post finds you helpful, if you still have a question, you can leave a comment below.

Or contact me via email: support@mygpsmaps.com.

24 thoughts on “Where To Put iGO Maps Files | Explanation iGO Map files In Different Folders

  1. Hello i have a Lark Freebird gps with engine software igo primo 2.4 on it. i would make a motorcycle tour myself on the pc and upload it or bring it to my gps via ssd card. The PC program is RouteYou and I can download the routes as: georeferenced CVS, Shapefile, Google Earth (KML), Polar, Tacx, Falc, TomTom, Wahoo, OsmAnd, TwoNav, O-Synce,Sigma, Locus Map, Bryton, Mio , Teasi, Garmin or GPX . But no IGO. Can you help me? I am not a computer tech.

    1. If you need, you can. The poi files are in your igo, content folder. You can also delete maps files for other countries.

    2. I added some alert points (speed limit, red light camera, etc) on map. But I cannot locate the file where these info are saved. Can anyone tell me the file that contains user-defined alerts? TIA.

  2. Thank you so much for the caution to make a backup before you play with iGo maps. I tried to copy several 2021 .fbl files from my Pioneer nav system to an old Advent system with 2017 maps. File manes were identical, but when I plugged the SD card back in it did not recognize the states I had updated. I do not know if there is a workaround, but at least I am back working thanks to my backup.

    1. You can try to find the igo folder in your phone, then click it, then you should see content folder, and other folders in content folder.

  3. Great resource for file types.
    Questions for you though πŸ™‚
    Does the speedcam part of igo need the fsp files to work properly or just the camera data in the ‘speedcam’ directory?
    what does the point addresses of the fpa file actually do for me ?
    (i ask as my device has limited space and skipping these files would allow me to add a couple of neighbouring countries maps)
    many thanks

    1. Fsp and fpa files should be in map folder, not in speedcam folder. The most important file is fbl file in map folder. If your space is limited, you can just copy the map files for your country.

  4. Hi. If the folder Contents / Phoneme does not already exist in the system Igo Primo 2.4, do you just create the folder and place the .ph file in there? e.g. Australia_HERE_2020.Q2_200603.ph


  5. Hi,,
    I already download asian 2019 q2.
    On my device, last update was arround 2017.
    To update data (map, poi, building, etc), what should i do?
    Should i delete old file (*.fbl, *.fda, others) with new one? And rename it, same like the old file?

    Thankyou in advance

    1. Just delete the old maps files and then copy news ones into the same directory, you don’t need to rename it.

  6. Ok, but on my device some folders are missing so how to put new files should I create buildings folder under content?
    Also some map packs have no ‘buildings, map, poi’ etc folders but folders based on extensions.
    So do we need folders at all or just for keeping separated but igo looks everywhere under content folder?

    1. If you don’t have igo software or old igo maps, you need igo software as well. The igo maps files are separate from igo software.

    1. Is it an Android tablet? If yes, that is the same as installing on Android phone and Android car navigation system.

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